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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa



So uh, yeah...

Yo say Kittens.

Before you freak out on me, yeah, its been nearly two months since I updated this thing. I know. I mean, I am the one that writes the dang thing after all. However, I have a slightly good reason as to why I have not been updating.

Make that two reasons.

First of all, I'm living in Tokyo, Japan and working on my music and modeling career. Therefore, I really don't have much free time anymore. What free time I do have is taken up with eating, sleeping and bathing.

Second, I did warn you already that I was not going to be keeping up with this blog much longer. I mean, sure I will post a random rambling here and there about oh I don't know, let's say baby meerkats, and my opinions and whatnot, but other than that, this blog is kind of a waste of time as no one really read it any how. It was originally just meant to be a potpourri free write about anything and everything from the Illuminati to Abyssinian kittens to deep fried zucchini, but someway somehow it ended up being a word vomit landfill just like the massive gomi-bako that is my mind.

Despite all this, I am going to give a brief update about my life.

I'm doing kitteny awesome. I went on the Harajuku Fashion Walk last month, Walk #15, and it was AMAZING. I met so many wicked cool people and even though it was freezing cold and I'm skinny as a rail I still had a great time.

If you wish to see photos of everyone (me included) just visit this link: and there is a video also.

Additionally, I'm going to KAWAii MATSURi to see T.M.Revolution on April 20 (yes, I know,, 4-20 HAH HAH you're real cool [meaning you're lame]) so I'm really pumped about that.

I will post photos...maybe...

But I definitely will post photos on Ameba and on Twitter so if I don't post any here you know where to find me.

For moar infoz on teh Jap Trap, visit and follow my life on Twitter or Tumblr. It's nawt like you really care if I've gotten eaten by a giant praying mantis.



The Illuminati are freaking EVERYWHERE. Be very alert. They are taking over humanity just like they already took over the entertainment industry. If you have some free time, check out this great website: They know what's up.

Be careful who and what you believe. The Illuminati is leading the ultimate downfall of humanity through media brainwashing and the desensitizing of civilians. By taking part in and listening to a great deal of music, people begin to imitate certain gestures artists make under the guise of "being cool". DO NOT fall for this. They are using these artists to brainwash and desensitize humanity.


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