My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa



I've been really busy lately!

I've barely been able to update a thing!

Right now its really late, so I'mma just gonna tell you the important stuff.




My new album, R@d!oAkt!v D8ing is going to be released on Leap Day!

Sorry about it being late, kittenz. It wasn't my fault.


Okay, so maybe it was XD

But yeah, I moved to a different country so I got behind on working on my music and artwork. Now, we are finished with the ablum and it should be great!! I think it is the best yet! haha

But yeah, its a lot, and I mean a LOT different from CROSSING THE LINE and on a different dimension from ~Desolation. However, I am quite proud of the result and the music and the photography!!!

Well, need to go to bed~


★ジャップトラップエピソード4「Happy Valentine Day」★



  1. クロセットの中にLOCKED
  2. NUCLEAR(日本語でシングル)
  3. ブリッジの上が二人
  4. REST
  5. ムズムズ物
  6. LIFE SONG(ft. AtJap13)
  7. 東京
  8. Never Knew
  9. ヱスラー
  10. トックシックラバー
  11. 友達の為に
  12. NUCLEAR(英語でシングル)
  13. 孤立~リミックス~

Title: R@d!oAkt!v D8ing (Radioactive Dating)

アーティスト:At! ft. アットジャップ13
Artist: At! ft. AtJap13

Genre: Experimental/Japanoise

Release day: 2012.02.14

Valentine Album~From At!


Purikura Time!


I am so sorry for never posting anymoar! I am just so busy! I am having such a great time in Tokyo and I just do nawt want to waste my time sitting on the computer like I used to do. Back in my hometown, it was TTLY different due to the fact that it was BORING and forsaken. Tokyo, however, is the best place in which I have ever lived.


Now for an update~! The weekend after my outing was spent being kind of sick. I had ran through the freezing rain without an umbrella or a decent coat, so I was sick on Saturday and Sunday. Due to being sick, I missed the Harajuku Fashion Walk, but my two friends were able to go. They had pictures taken of them that can be viewed on and they were also on TV for a brief bit being interviewed about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I am really happy for them, and look forward to when I can go on the next Fashion Walk (hopefully I won't be sick HAHA)

By Monday I felt back to normal, and I went to my favorite coffee shop, Veloce, and got my favorite blend coffee. It is so good! I am TTLY obsessed with Japanese blend coffee. Beats the stuff I have back home. Like, SRSLY.

On Wednesday we were watching Youtube videos about cooking and decided to make Cake in a Mug. So, we went to Aeon and bought the rest of the needed supplies, grabbed mugs, and began making our cakes.

Here's the recipe:

1 cup flour (self-rising)
3 tbsp sugar
1 egg
1 tsp cooking oil
6 mini dark chocolate bars
3 mini hi-milk chocolate bars
1 tsp instant coffee
Dash salt
Ice cream for topping (mine was Chou Banilla lol)

Here is the finished product of mine...

It turned out to be existentially tastey. I absolutely love making Cake in a Mug now. The instant coffee combined with the dark chocolate and cinnamon made the cake taste like a mocha espresso and then the ice cream made the cake kind of soft and so good.

After my supper of triple-decker grilled cheese, the Cake in a Mug was the perfect end to a perfect day. I also managed to have a great time with friends.

On Friday we went to Mos Burger in Gotanda for dinner and to Shinjuku for purikura and games! I super-duper-absolutely LOVED the chicken and fries that I got from Mos Burger, and I beat Airin at a pogo game in the arcade. We tried to play a candy game but we lost 200 yen, and Carli spent some yen on another game; trying to win something out of the claw machine. After purikura, they got ice cream and I got coffee. We did two sets of purikura.

We then caught up with everyone else andwent and had moar fun. At the end of the night, we went to Burger King and I got moar coffee. Here is a picture of the purikura we got (Airin is holding it):

We look absolutely adorable.

Last week I went to Ikebukuro. All my friends like it, but I do nawt really care for it. I did not go to the Sunshine thing, but I did walk around the main section and go in a few stores. Perhaps the reason for me nawt liking it was the fact that I have no money? lol

I did find another Caffe Veloce on a side street in Ikebukuro, and I know now that I can go there also if I want a coffee. Due to the fact that I did not buy anything in Ikebukuro, I intend to go back to Harajuku or Akiba sometime soon.

Here is a picture of the station:

Anyway, its late and I must sleep ;P