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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


In this Frozen Season...


So yeah, I know, it's been about sixth months since I updated this thing.

Well, I'm going to tell you why.

Ready for it?


Are you ready???

Here's the answer:

Cuz I didn't wanna!


SRSLY though. I've been super busy.

What do you think, I just live to serve you?


You know I love you kittenz.

I've been so busy living in three different cities in three months. School has been going great, music is going well, and I'm having the time of my life.

I love doing what I'm doing. After all, I feel the best thing to do in life is take things as they come and enjoy each day as though it is your last or your last with the ones you love. Hate to sound cliche or whatever, but, 'tis the truth, kittens. We never know when it will end, so why spend our lives eating foods we hate, wearing clothes to blend in with everybody else, doing whatever just to fit in, or working all the time? Unless you have something preventing you from doing so or unless you have people depending on you, just live it up and have FUN! Be yourself, don't try to be anybody else.

After all, that's all there is of you.

All we have to give the world is ourselves. So why not just be honest??

I'm just a simple dude that has always been and always will be myself. I'm simply me. If I wanna stand up and start singing randomly, I do so. If I wanna dance in Harajuku, I do so. If I wanna wear stripes with plaid I wear freaking stripes with plaid, man.

Don't let societal norms bring you down. Don't let the invisible chains of society hold you back from being all that you could be. Stand up, break those chains, and be wonderful, unique, YOU.

Like I always say, STAY KITTENY~~~

(That's what it means, kittens. It means stay awesomely you.)

That's all I have to say about that.

Back to me.

I have been moving around three cities over the last three months. First I was in Chiba, then Koto-ku's Kiba area, now Arakawa-ku's Higashiogu. I like some things about Arakawa, but I liked Ota and Chuo much better. I feel as though I have been running around living all over Japan XD

That's what it takes, though, if you want to find a place that is both cost efficient and convenient. I needed a place close to my school and fairly cheap, so I had to give up having my own kitchen and living in Nihonbashi. I don't know what it is about that place, but I love Nihonbashi.

Next topic...

Another reason for my lack of writing is due to the simple fact that I no longer have much to say in English. Seems as though my English vocabulary always goes toward debates, political issues, and personal opinions about controversial topics in the world today. However, I'm a happy person that likes to keep the mood light and airy and childlike, so I tend to try my hardest to stay away from those kinds of conversations. I am eternally twelve years old, so why should I bring you down?

Therefore, I mainly write blogs in Japanese now. If you wish to read my blogs and keep track of my weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) blogs, check out now.

I will be using this blog for special messages pertaining to music and super important updates only. If you cannot read Japanese, you can also check out my tumblr, to see fashion updates and randomocity.

Just thought I would let you know about this before you go wondering where I went...

As if I really care what you think.

JUST KIDDING! I love my kittenz XD

Japan has been super cold lately and I have had to do a whole lot of walking. Every single day, walk walk walk walk walk. lmao I love to walk but sheesh! Not always in the rain, amirite?

I usually go around like this in the winter:

But in Japan I have to go around like this:

I'm not even a freeze baby!! I freaking love the cold. I just don't like walking in the cold rain just to get some food...XD

My style has become increasingly more and more gyaru-o (jumps up and down clapping) and I am so happy about it. Here are a couple of sample photos of my new style:

That was me in NamjaTown at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.

That was me in Nihonbashi just before Xmas. I had Xmas sweater on ^^

Next entry is about foods I've eaten and I will do a review of a few restaurants. Just changin' it up, k? Nawt changin mah gimmick so don't pull your eyelashes out.


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