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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Harajuku...boy? lol

What's up kittenz??

Hey this is just an update from your King Kitty, letting you know that life in Tokyo is swell. On Monday I went to class (6_6;)zZzZ psht boring..and then when I got home I made pasta! In my pasta I put chicken herb meatballs, cheese, and tomato garlic sauce. For the pasta part I used spirals. Then, I sprinkled the entire thing with parmesan cheese and had an awesome dinner. I love Italian food so much. I don't give a hairless cat's left eyebrow if I'm in Japan, Sri Lanka, or Zimbabwe. Pasta rules, man. HAHA

Tuesday I don't have class, so I decided to go to Harajuku.

OH MAI KITTENS, Kittenz!! I absolutely love Harajuku. I went and looked around in several stores, bought a shirt, and of course got me a coffee from Starbucks. I had a dark mocha frappuccino. YUM. I looked at so many wicked awesome things, and saw several cool items that I would like to buy in the near future...whenever I have enough money to do so. One thing in particular was a certain pair of pants that really caught my eye, but I did not have teh yenz with me to buy them. I was unable to buy purikura also due to the fact that I was by myself, and I would have felt uber awkward getting purikura by myself, so, yeah...I guess I'll have to go back with a friend some other day. For supper I had a grilled cheese, and it was kitteny good.

On Wednesday I went out to Akihabara, and looked around at a whole bunch of stuff. I'm nawt an anime fan or a gamer, but it was definitely really cool seeing the stuff in person and taking pictures and what not. I saw the AKB48 Cafe, the Gundam Cafe, and I went in a huge bookstore that sold every magazing and book imaginable, including a bunch of AKB stuff and other Japanese idol groups' stuff. I purchased a T.M.Revolution magazine from 2000, and it only cost me 420 yen. I was so pumped about that. For supper that night, I tried to make myself some chicken ramen, but the noodles were nasty, so I just ate the chicken out of it and threw the rest away.

On Thursday I went to Minato and to Cafe Veloce again. Twice. HAHA I am so obsessed with that is my favorite coffee shop in all of Japan. On the way home, I found yet another bookstore and bought yet another T.M.Revolution item. This time, I bought the photobook "Starman from Miracle Wonder Planet", and I absolutely love it. The photos are so awesome and his outfits are fantastic lol. For dinner I ate "Italian" fried rice and Japanese fried chicken. It was so good. The chicken was so juicy and crispy and the rice had olive oil and garlic in it with pieces of egg and some other seasoning and it was just amazing.

Yesterday I went out in the morning to return to Yukiyaga-Otsuka in order to get yet another cup of Cafe Veloce's amazing coffee and buy one moar TMR photobook, but my train pass was nawt working so I had to just go back to the dorm with nothing. For dinner I made myself some moar spiral pasta and finished up my chicken meatballs. They were even better the second time. About four hours later I was hungry again, so I ate a whole bag of KitKats and drank a huge mug of coffee. I was dressed pretty snazzy yesterday, and the reason was that my friends and I were going to Shibuya for the evening. It was super fun and I had an amazing time. I will most definitely do it again sometime, but hopefully either next time will be warmer or I will have warmer clothing on my body. I shivered the entire time (probably becawse I am only 90lbs XD), and it was kind of uncomfortable.

Today I feel kind of sick from yesterday's outings in the cold, and the plan is to just chill out and relax. I ate chocolate chip pancakes and plan on making chicken burgers tomorrow. It is going to be grand. As for right now, I feel as though I am catching a cold, so I shall leave you in bewilderment as to my upcoming week's planned excursions. All I will tell you is, coffee and TMR are involved. G'day loves.


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