My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


For those who said I wouldn't-couldn't-shouldn't, TOLD YA SO!

Oh my kittens!!!

I am alive!!!

Do nawt worry about your King Kitty, for he is perfectly fine! I'm serious, gaiz. I am completely fine. I mean, better than fine. I am amazing. I am finally living in Tokyo and having the time of my life.

Right now I am going to take some time to tell you in day-by-day format what exactly I have been up to in the past two weeks. Also, I am going to put pictures with the days, as much as possible at least. I will be posting pictures at random with short blogs hereafter as well. So, just be patient, kittens. I will be updating once again.

OK, so I guess I shall begin from none other than...THE BEGINNING!! XD

Monday, January 2 (AKA Sunday night lol) :

So I got out of bed at around midnight, but I had nawt slept at all so it was kind of pointless that I had went to bed in the first place. I got dressed for the plane flight and kind of teased my hair but nawt really due to the fact that I knew it would get ruined anyway. My outfit consisted of a white athletic shirt, tan Adidas pants with orange stripes down the sides and my orange hoodie. I was dressed so freaking American lol. Anywho, I didn't eat anything due to the fact that it was 2 o'clock in the flipping morning at that time and my stomach refuses to function properly until at least like 9 AM. Haha so yeah, we went to the airport and I got some expresso since I had nawt slept at all, and I felt I wanted to be awake for sometime at least. Security wasn't too bad, except for the fact that they made me take my collar off, and I was thinking, "SRSLY!?" but I did it anyway. We got on the first airplane, which was really small, at around 6:45 AM and arrived at the layover location at around 7:15-7:30 AM. I was so pumped by then that I didn't really care about anything other than getting to Japan. However, I was still pretty stoked by being able to get a chocolate chip coffee cake for breakfast at the airport. After breakfast, we got our money changed over, got some coffee, shopped around, then just chilled out until boarding time. Once on the plane bound for Tokyo, I went to sleep for a little while, then woke up to eat some awesome chicken with stuffing, carrots, and spinach. YUM. Then I went back to sleep listening to T.M.Revolution, then woke up once again to get something to drink and watch a movie. It was some sort of boring Mexican movie in Spanish (ironic, I know. Going to Japan but watching Latino movies XD) so I went back to sleep. Finally after 13 hours passed, I ate some chicken fried rice with vegetables in it and then sat anxiously awaiting Tokyo arrival.

Tuesday, January 3:

We landed in Tokyo around 17:00 on Tuesday, January 3 Tokyo time. Customs was quite easy, but that flight!! OH MY KITTENZ!!! I dread doing it ever again. I feel like I wasted two days of my life lol. Especially considering the fact that I was nawt on the edge or by a window, so I was stuck making someone move every time I needed to go to the bathroom or wash my hands. Grrr X3 After customs, we took a bus to Tokyo Station and then a taxi to our hotel. The hotel was small, but really nice on the outside and on the inside. The first thing I did once I got to the hotel was change out of those icky feeling clothes and then go to Family Mart and buy a magazine. After that, I went to Caffe Veloce for coffee. Japan's coffee is really strong, but really tasty!! I went to sleep uber early, though.

Wednesday, January 4:

We took the subway for the first time, and I hated it! LOL But I arrived at the Sheraton Miyako to then take a cab to my dorm and receive my dorm assignment. It turns out that the dorm is about 50 minutes away from the university, so I am kind of bummed about it, but, oh well. OH! For breakfast I had onigiri. Just thought I would throw that in there. Mmkay. The dorm room isn't bad, it is better then my one at FLA back in summer 2009, so I can't complain. After that, we took another taxi back to Nihombashi and ate dinner at a Japanese restuarant (we are in Japan, after all). I had ika-agemono with rice, and it was super good. Then, we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Thursday, January 5:

I got up extra early to go to the college orientation, and I did not eat anything all day until around 17:30 when I got back to the hotel. I ate 2 KitKats at that point, then my mom and I went out to this little cafe called Cafe de Crie. I got this chicken sandwich that had Japanese mayo on it, lettuce, onion, and some other vegetable on toasted bread. Either it was super good or I was starving HAHA but either way I loved that place. I also got some milk tea.

Friday, January 6:

I had English and Math placement tests, so I had to eat something for breakfast and decided to eat a cinnamon apple fritter from Starbucks. The tests went quite smoothly, and I felt I did quite well. On my lunch break I drank a cold canned espresso, and it was kind of iffy. For dinner we went to a little pasta restaurant and I got spaghetti pepperoncini, and it was UBER YUMMY. I also had some chicken with it, but the chicken was kind of fatty and awkward, so I did not eat it. Instead, my mom ate the rest of the chicken.

Saturday, January 7:

We went to Shinjuku on this day, and I bought a T.M.Revolution CD and went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. My dinner consisted of chicken skewers, duck skewers, and rice. Shinjuku was really cool, and I loved the vibe of it. We walked past kabukicho and I saw this random inappropriate poster XD Then I realized, "oh my kittens, I'm in the red light district", then we went back to the hotel.

Sunday, January 8:

On this day I had a dorm meeting in Ota and then went to Shibuya!! Oh my kittens I loved Shibuya. So far that was my favorite place in Tokyo. I went to Shibuya 109 Men's and then Shibuya 109, and ate at the Food Show in the basement part of Shibuya Station. I found this awesome shirt and bought in in 109 Men's and then we went to Baskin & Robins for ice cream. I saw so many beautiful gyaru gals and so many awesome gyaru-ohs! I felt so underdressed and non-gyaru-oh =_= HAHA And that's not even the best part, kittenz. I saw this little guy, and I swear dude, he looked just like LEVIN from La'Cryma Christi!! I whirled around when I saw him, and he noticed that I did, and it was so weird because he looked just like LEVIN!! Same style of clothes/hair and everything.It was an awesome sight. My mom and aunt bought shirts at 109, and we took pictures of the Hachiko statue and then went back to Nihombashi.

Monday, January 9:

I had scheduling and registration, and got the results from my placement tests. I did very well, so I do not have to take any English and my math is really advanced also. I registered for my classes and it took FOREVER. I never knew that registering for 12 credits could take four hours. However, after I got back to the hotel we went to McDonald's for dinner, and I can confirm you that McDonald's in Japan is much better than McDonald's in America. I got chicken selects and they were real chicken! HAHA Yeah, after that I did nothing.

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday January 10, 11, 12:

On Tuesday we went to get my alien registration card at the ward office and then went to Shibuya to the Softbank shop to get a cell phone, but the girl wasn't all that helpful and she just kept trying to force an iPhone on me, so I went to AU, and they were helpful but I was unable to come to a decision. We ate at this cool place called Becker's, and I got two orders of seasoned fries. They were so good. On Wednesday we went out in Nihombashi, but were unable to find a decent restaurant at which to eat. So, we ended up going to this nasty place and I ate a few shrimp with some rice, but it was weird. After that, we went to Docomo and I ended up getting a pretty sweet smart phone. It is black and white and kind of cool looking. On Thursday we lazed around the hotel and went to Family Mart and bought bread, cheese, chicken, butter, and potato chips for supper. I made me a delicious sandwhich with spicy chicken, spicy cheese, butter, and mustard on white bread with Calbee potato chips on the side. It was amazing.

Friday, January 13:

FRIDAY THE 13th!!! Oh my kittenz lol. This was my first day of class. All I have to say is, college is okay, but to me it just feels like extra high school. LOL. Really, I just want to be done already. On a brighter note, I did find a couple of coffee shops to go to on my breaks. On my morning break I went to Caffe St. Marc, and had an espresso cake I had purchased earlier from Caffe Veloce, and a cup of coffee. On my second break, I ate a sandwich and drank some moar coffee at Doutor's. Loved it.

Saturday, January 14:

This day was my mom & aunt's last day in Japan, and so we walked around on Horidome-cho, went back to Cafe de Crie, and I had that same sandwich becawse it was just so kitteny good the first time, and just as good the second. Then we headed up to McDonald's to get my aunt something to take back to the room, and then we checked out a couple more little stores, took a few more pictures, and headed back. In the evening, we went to Caffe Veloce for one final coffee together, and I bought espresso cakes in bulk. LOL I love those things. After that, we went back to the hotel for the night.


OH My KITTENz! That is one doozy of a blog, if I do say so myself ;P Therefore, I shall put the next amounts of information in a separate blog, just nawt to bore you gaiz too much.

Well, nawt really.

The real reason is becawse I'm going to Roppongi && Akiba today, and I need to get ready :P'll have to wait until tonight. Psht~


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