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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Crazy Times~~


Oh my kittenz, I am able to blog again. This is new considering the fact that I have been so busy lately up until now. Well, I take that back; Friday was a busy evening for me, but Saturday and today were calm. I just chilled around the dorm and did some cooking.

Saturday morning I made chocolate chip pancakes, kittens!!

You should have seen it, they were awesome. I bought pancake mix and REAL, nawt the fake corn syrup stuff I eat back home, but REAL maple syrup and REAL butter and a chocolate bar to put in my pancakes. I was unable to find chocolate "chips" per se, but I broke up a chocolate bar instead. All in all, they turned out very kitteny delicious.

For dinner I took it easy and just had some chicken. I was going to eat pasta, but apparantly I had overloaded my body with sugar and was going in to hyper shakes, so I decided to just eat some protein due to the suggestion that pasta/bread/rice/etc just turn in to sugar also.

For breakfast today I had some very crispy buttery toast and some strong milk coffee. After breakfast, I walked down to the grocery stores to buy myself some moar foodstuffs, and of course some cream for my coffee. I found some chicken, bought some rice, and definitely loaded up on pasta and sauce.

Friday night my friends and I dressed up and danced.

I think we are one awesome group :P

Oh, and Shibuya rocks, man.

STAY KITTENY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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