My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa




I finally got all of my braces off...

so I'm really happy...

yet a lil sad as well HAHA I've had 'em on for over three years, so it feels really strange to nawt have them now. My retainers look awesome, though. They match XD

Today I went to Panera Bread for the very last time :'(

I had my usual sammich, the Chipotle Chicken Panini w/out bacon on ciabatta bread. I never tried anything else due to the simple fact that this sammich is existential LOL The chips, however, are nasty. In my opinion. Well, I take that back. I did try a couple of other things. I had an oatmeal raisin cookie, a piece of chocolate pecan babka, a cinnamon scone, and a French toast bagel. All of which were amazing.

I sure will miss Panera Bread when I'm in Japan...:'(

Yesterday we made our New Year's meal. Since I am leaving on the 2nd, we decided to up New Year's a few days.

We made sauerkraut and turkey smoked sausage with mashed potatoes and black eye peas w/turkey ham on the side. I did not eat any peas or potatoes, but the kraut and sausage was yummy.

Currently I feel a little sad over leaving. I know I have wanted this all of my life, but right now I can't help but feel a little nervous and of course sad. I will miss my life here in America and will most definitely miss some of the restaurants and my mom's cooking.

Last Monday (the day after Xmas) we went to the Mall for the last time. I finally had an opportunity to wear my gray skinny jeans with the gray "over achiever" jersey-style shirt I bought on Black Friday over a month ago. I love the shirt. I went to Salvatore's Pizzaria for the last time, also, and had my usual cheese thin crust pizza with a peppermint mocha from Starbuck's. YUM. I did not buy anything at the Mall, due to the fact that I do not need anymore clothes. I did find a green cardigan in my size for a reasonable amount of money, but I just didn't buy it. Now I am kind of wishing I would have LOL

Tuesday I began my packing for Tokyo. Today I finished. Well, almost finished. I still have a couple of my necessities to pack, but other than that, I am finished.

Christmas was weird for me, and other than the food, it did not even feel like Christmas. I did not get my presents from my aunt until Wednesday, and I have yet to open the ones from my mom. Which reminds me:  I have yet to wrap my mom's gifts. Oops. Tomorrow we shall exchange them.....and eat the rest of the New Year's food as well as eat some Oshougatsu-style food. (:

Tomorrow is going to be yet another busy day.


When will it end!?

My life is so hectic right now...and I've lost weight again D: GRRRRRRRRRR I will be so relieved once I am in Tokyo, sitting in class, with all of my necessary to-dos DONE!!! Hopefull two weeks from now I will be much more relaxed...

Hopefully...(and I say that loosely, kittehs) I will be able to blog again before I leave. Until then...STAY KITTENY!

(And hope that I stay kitteny as well)





Today I got my visa for entry into Japan.

*Dances around ridiculously*

I can't believe that I will be living in Tokyo only 8 days from now. Oh my kittenz. Is this real???

I bet it is, due to the fact that I just burned myself while cooking, and it hurt pretty freaking bad XD If I had been dreaming, I don't think it really would have hurt all that much...or at all. LOL

But yeah....


I'll be in the same country as Takanori!!!



Right now, I gotta go bake 94378509 dozen cookies.

Stay kitteny~!!!!


I Have Returned!


Your King Kitty is baaaaack~~~!!!!

How was your weekend? Mine was so HECTIC!! LOL I mean, I had to get up uber early on Sunday morning in order to head off to Washington DC. We stopped at Denny's around noon in order to get some food. I got a cheese and potato omelet and sourdough toast. It was extremely kitteny tasty. After that, we got back in the car and I listened to some music by Tila Tequila and attempted to take a short nap, but the nap was to no avail.

We stopped for coffee a few times along the way, got lost twice, drove in circles in downtown DC for two hours, then finally got to the motel around 6:00 pm. I wore this outfit on Sunday:

I'm your lil gyaru-oh (*^_~*)

After check-in, we walked down the street to McDonald's and I got some coffee and then looked for some cake at a gas station, but there was nothing that looked tastey so I just got some cheese crackers and two postcards haha

On Monday we got up early once again and went down to get free breakfast at the motel. I ate this huge croissant with lots of butter on it then we and got dressed to go take care of some business. We set back on the road around 11:00 am then stopped a little after noon to go get something to eat once again. We stopped at another Denny's and that time I got a sammich and some fries. I didn't eat the fries but the sammich was CHOU UMAKATTA!!! Sorry for the Japanese (romaji), but I could not find English words to express my love of that sammich. It was a breaded chicken patty dipped in buffalo sauce with cheddar cheese, onion, garlic spread and lettuce on ciabatta bread.

Before leaving DC I got one last glimpse of the Washington monument:

If I couldn't live in Tokyo, I would most definitely want to live in Washington Dc. Dude, I think I just have a thing for living in and liking capitol cities. XD

We did not get home on Monday until 6:00 pm and then I unpacked, worked out, and went straight to bed. I was worn out. Liek, SRSLY. On Tuesday we didn't really do much of anything other than some important mailing and medical matters due to the fact that we were too tired from the events of the weekend, and on Wednesday we had another busy yet fun-filled day. My mom and I made stuffed peppers and cleaned up a little around the house.

Today we went out to shop for the Christmas groceries. Tomorrow we have a great deal of cooking and baking to do for Christmas holiday, so we will be very busy once again!! However, I look really forward to it.

OH MY KITTENZ, kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't freaking believe that I am going to TOKYO in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!

My dream is coming true!!! I love my life so much!!!

I also just want to let you know that I have posted the commercial for my new single on my blog, and I hope you check it out.






Hey kittenz. How are you!?

This week has been an uber busy one for me. On Monday I had a doctor's appointment, then on Tuesday I had yet another one. I was happy about the one on Tuesday, though due to the fact that we went out for lunch-supper and I had sald && cheesy breadsticks. I love cheese and breadsticks and when you put the two together its just existential, man. 

On Wednesday I went back to the orthodontist in order to receive my two retainers. I got the orange one with the TAKA kanji on it in black and then the clear one. So far, I find them both to be quite annoying...

However, I really need to get used to them due to the fact that I will have to wear them as much as possible for the rest of my life...HAHA That is going to be a looonggg time (hopefully).


On Sunday we made pasta:

It was tri-color rotini with zesty tomato sauce with turkey smoked sausage in the sauce. We also put cheese in the sauce and on top of the pasta. So far, this has been my favorite meal of December.

At least I learn how to cook while I'm living on my own in Tokyo, otherwise I would end up weighing 80 pounds instead of my usual 90 XD That would be horrendous...especially considering how picky I can be at times.

Wednesday I finished off the rest of the pasta and Thursday we made moar quesadillas at home. I used this frozen diced chicken and made it oh-so-kitteny good. I put jalapeno peppers in the chicken along with onions and cheese. All of that went on a crispy tortilla and it was YUMMY.


Yesterday was an okay day, but it could have been better. Stepdad caused us to run late with our plans, and we ended up nawt getting all of our planned shopping finished. I still need to get quite a few things before I leave. We did manage to go to Panera Bread again (my all-time favorite restaurant), and I got my usual, of course.

Chipotle chicken panini on ciabatta bread with no bacon. YUM.

Man, I sure am going to miss those! I also love the cookies at Panera, as well as the chocolate pecan babka and of course the bagels and just the bread in general. At least I can get bagels and cookies at other places, though. That sammich is really my calling to Panera, and now I am going to have to live three whole years without one. Well, when I come back for my brief break before beginning my internship, I am most definitely going to get a few of them sammiches. Along with get my medical procedure done...and finish remodeling the kitchen.

Yeah, tomorrow we go to D.C. in order to get my actual visa. Yay~~~ I get to go to the Embassy of Japan...

Uh, yeah.

Nawt "yay". Moar like..."ugh". LOL

I will be back on Monday night (hopefully with a visa and a belly full of yummy food) and then I shall blog again! At least on the Japanese blog...sorry my English speaking kittenz, I just don't have time fo' ya anymoarz. I'm forsaking my English speaking kittens for my lovely Japanese speaking ones.


Just kidding. But yeah, I really don't have much time for this blog anymoar due to the fac tthat I am trying to immerse myself further into my Japanese half due to my plan of relocating to Japan in 16 days. After that, I promise I will make sure I have time for you guys. Beginning January 15, I shall blog at least once a week, every week, in English.

I may even learn Korean and Italian too!!! LOL So yeah...wait for me, kittehz!!!

I have been working on my music again lately. So far I finished the new single and it shall release December 25th. Its my special Xmas gift to you! HAHA But really, it is releasing on Christmas. The release date for my new album is February 14, 2012, JAPAN TIME. So yes, it shall release at midnight JAPAN time, so you kittens will get to listen to it and buy it by 10 AM Eastern US time. Now look at you, you lucky ducks; getting my album almost one whole day early! The new single is Muzu Muzu Mono, or "Creepy Things" and then I am releasing yet another single on New Year's Day Eastern US time. It is called "Never Knew". That will be the final single from this album. After the release of "Never Knew", you will just have to anticipate the release of the album.

Right now, however, I have a great deal of work to do. I must pack for tomorrow's trip, shower, and of course check about my online orders. So, until then, make sure you feed your polka dotted puppies!!! See ya~~~


Getting tharr...


Winter is almost here~!

The weather outside is really cooooolllllddd HAHA so when I went outside I wore a hat, two jackets, two pairs of pants, and my cyber goggles. I think I looked pretty good lol but the neighbors kind of stared.

Yesterday I got my top braces off~!!!

*dancing around*

I've had them on for so long that it feels weird to not have them. However, I am really pumped because now I look even moar like Takanori XD

Right now I still have the bottom ones on, but they will be coming off right before I leave for university at the beginning of next year. Woot.

I shall post pictures soon~~~

The day before yesterday I ate a bag of M&M's and a skillet of mini chicken sausages for supper. On top of eating the M&M's, I drank three cups of caffeine coffee and


I was so HYPER.

I danced around and jumped up and down and whatnot. Then I did 50 pushups in like thirty seconds. I was jumpin' of teh wallz, kitten. I love when I eat too much sugar and drink too much caffeine. I annoy everyone around me HAHA


I'm not thaaaaaaat annoying...



I currently have my airplane ticket and my hotel reservation for Tokyo, and as of right now I am all set to go!! So only 26 moar days until I am in the same area as Takanori Nishikawa!!!

*dances again*

I will have moar information later, but for now, I must go :(




Yo say kittens!

How have you been???

Worried, probably. I would be too if my King Kitty disappeared out of the blue after writing a Thanksgiving greeting blog.

I know I disappeared on you. However, I'm very sorry for doing so. I've just been extremely busy lately. I recently got the news about my invoice payment and my visa. I have been working so hard on getting all of my things together and also working on my new album and all sorts of other small projects.

Now, I must ask you all a question.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday or Labor Thanksgiving Day (Japan)!?!?

I hope it was kitteny good, due to the simple fact that mine was ultra kitteny and I would want no less for my kittenz. We began cooking the night before Thanksgiving by baking a pumpkin and a pecan pie and making French bread stuffing, cooking rice, and cleaning out, stuffing, and putting the turkey in the oven. I love waking up the morning of Thanksgiving to watch the parade with the smell of baking turkey throughout the house.

Here is a picture of me with my special goblet on Thanksgiving afternoon:

We cooked a great deal of food, as we do each and every year.

First, we have baked turkey with turkey gravy and French bread stuffing. Then we maked homemade mashed potatoes, white buttery rice, and sweet corn. We also baked homemade yeasty dinner rolls, homemade candied yams with cinnamon and nutmeg on top, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and cole slaw. Additionally, we bought two kinds of cranberry sauce and sweet midget pickles.

For beverages, we had water and coffee. Usually we have something like sparkling apple cider or white grape juice, but this year, after my bout of asparitic sinusitis, we chose it would be best for me to avoid fruit for a while.

I helped set up the table and serve the food, as well as peel potatoes and sweet potatoes, taste gravy, and cut cranberry, etc. Here is a picture of the finished table with all of the food set on it:

I ended up eating a LOT! My plate consisted of a whole turkey leg, cran-raspberry sauce, corn, mashed potatoes & rice, gravy, stuffing, a roll, and sweet potatoes. I was too full to eat any pie, so I just decided to have it another day. 

After eating, we cleaned up the kitchen and went and layed down for awhile. My mom and I watched Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving special then got up and got ready to go Black Friday shopping at midnight.

We left our house around 23:45 and arrived at the store around 0:15. There was hardly any traffic on the roads at first, but then when we hit the city it seemed as though everyone was out for Black Friday. We were only able to go to one store, but we managed to buy quite a few things and save a great deal of money.

I found that shirt and it says "Over Achiever" on the back. I also purchased a gray mock neck, a gray and silver striped cardigan, an ivory sweater, gray skinny jeans, and a Christmas shirt for this holiday season.

I took the picture of me trying the shirt on HAHA I thought it looked really good on me. (The pants I'm wearing are 8 years old XD I bought them when I was in elementary school.)

Before we checked out with our stuff, we had to wait for 30 minutes in a really long line. We were getting a little tired at that point so my mom went out and got us two coffees to drink while we stood in line. After drinking the coffee, I was pumped up from caffeine and anything but tired. We did not arrive home until around 4:00 AM, and we also stopped because my mom was hungry and wanted to get a breakfast sammich from McDonalds. At that point, I got another coffee.

I was unable to get to sleep until around 6:30 AM due to drinking all that caffeine!!! LOL

The next day I didn't really do anything. I made me some Thanksgiving donburi of sorts where I mixed rice and mashed potatoes together then put turkey on top and covered it with gravy. I love Thanksgiving leftovers. We ate Thanksgiving style food for 6 days, and pie for 3 days. The food was the best ever, I think.

OH! That reminds me. Right before Thanksgiving I cut my bangs again for winter:

I like having my hair cut this way due to my idea that it makes me look younger lol Also, it looks like Takanori Nishikawa's hairstyle back in 1999.

On Thursday we went out again but this time to the mall. I bought a gray plaid scarf and a "members only" jacket. Before the shopping, we went to a buffet for dinner. All the food was really tastey and I tried this new dessert called Oreo cheesecake and loved it.

Other than that, my past week has not been that eventful. We rested a little and worked a little around the house, and we plan on working on some moar things this upcoming week. Today we decorated the house for Xmas, which mainly consisted of putting a small little tree on display and a wreath on the door. Usually we put up a big tree in my family room and decorate the mantle over the fireplace, as well as put lights up outside, but this year we do not have time due to my leaving on January 2. Therefore, this shall have to do.

We are still planning a great deal of cooking, yeah...

I have great news!!!

After 3 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 6 days, I am finally getting my top braces off!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shall post a picture the second I get home from the excursion~

Right now, I must go do 289578429 pushups. Stay kitteny.