My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa



Happy Thanksgiving kittens!!!



100th Post~!

Today is my wonder best friend's birthday! So, I shall post this birthday message:
[ミ☆ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☆彡]⌒ヾ(・ω-。)~♪
I hope its a good one for her.
In other news, I had a doctor's appointment last Tuesday, and to my dismay I've lost moar weight D: Therefore, I must eat moar so that I can stay kitteny healthy and get started in college next Spring!!! I must gain 2.5kg by December 8th. Luckily, next week is THANKSGIVING!!! So I should be just fine.
This week I've been on an eating regimine to help be gain muscle weight and such, so I am hoping that will help also.
Today I'm going to Panera Bread!!! My all time favorite restaurant!!! Then this weekend I will be working around the house by remodeling the kitchen (oh, fun lol). I know it doesn't sound like much fun, but I enjoy working at times. We will be painting the kitchen this weekend and then after Thanksgiving we will redecorate, change the counter tops, and lay a new floor.
That's about it kittens. Foar now, at least.
I shall blog again soon!! Until then, make sure you check my Japanese blog(s):
And if you can't read Japanese, go tharr anyway!!! And look at my pics!!!
Or just learn Japanese. I mean, after all, if you're gonna be a fan of AtJap13, you need to at least understand minimal Japanese. Like SRSLY.
How else are you going to get close to the epic epicness of teh Jap Trap!? HAHAHAHAHAHA




Howz you kittenz???

This past week has been say the least XD. Last Sunday I went out to dinner with my mom && her hubby. We went out in order to purchase a light that she wanted due to the fact that we are working on remodeling the house...slowly and surely.

My goal is to get the kitchen and bathroom finished before I leave, since we already finished the dining room, living room, stairwell, and front door. After that, she may or may nawt work on teh bedroomz after I am away.

Monday and Tuesday were rather uneventful, but on Wednesday I went with her to the hospital for her yearly bloodwork. After that, we went out for a bite to eat. I tried Orzo pasta for the first time; it had pieces of spinach in it and had a nice buttery garlic flavor. I had breadsticks with the pasta and I loved it. Perhaps one of the best non-homemade meals I've had in a while.

On Friday morning I received the news I have been waiting for...I finally have my answer. My COE application has been accepted by immigration!!

This means...



I'll be receiving the COE in the mail within three to four weeks (right after Thanksgiving! Woo-hoo!) and then just have to start my packing.

And get my plane tickets, of course. LOL

But yeah...I'm really pumped.

And uber nervous.


Oh, here was my outfit that I wore for going out last Sunday:

My awesome dark blue && white striped shirt. I love it HAHA

On Saturday my mom && I went out and did the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. After all, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and autumn is my favorite season.

Yesterday I burnt my hand fixing myself a cappucino :(

It was a steam burn on my left hand, on almost all four of my fingers (luckily it didn't get my thumb!) otherwise I would not even be able to type yet today. Yesterday I was unable to type or write or barely brush my teeth all day (I'm mostly left handed). I'm so happy that it is much better now.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment; my six month icky check up for my UC. I hate going to the doctor lol but at least I get to go out to yet another dinner! HAHA

Well, perhaps this week will be a good one! Right now, I gotta go spread some tar! LATER~




This is just yet ANOTHER update.

I have a few more Halloween pictures for you my kittens. In my town there is this one house in particular that sets up a really cool display for trick-or-treat. This year they had a strobe light set up, and my mom and I took turns standing in front of the hurst display. She went first:

Then me:

I love looking like Takanori Nishikawa! I feel so invincible~~~


But yeah, yesterday we went out to dinner at BostonMarket, and I ordered sweet potatoes and dark meat chicken (I don't like white meat chicken or turkey due to the fac that I find it to be rather dry most of the time), and I thought it was especially yummy.

Today I made fish sticks && drank egg nog for supper LOL

What a combination!!!

It may sound weird, but it was really delicious.

This week has been a pretty good one, probably because we baked homemade bread, went out shopping, went out walking around on Halloween, and of course dressing up! We finished the rest of the homemade bread for breakfast this morning. I'm looking forward to tomorrow due to going out again!! LOL

I shall blog again soon yo!!!

However, right now I must go lay some concrete! See ya!!!


Promised Force...


How have you been!??

You all know from my last blog that I cosplayed T.M.Revolution's The Force on Monday, and this blog is simply to let you know a little moar about my Halloween and my weekend/week so far.

So on Saturday, after worrying my mind away about whether or nawt they would arrive in time, I received the final piece for my cosplay...the boots.

I was then able to finish the final little bit of sewing I had left (I was unable to finish due to the fact that I needed the boots in order to measure the distances properly) and tried on my outfit. From the second I tried on the outfit, I knew it was an excellent choice of eras.

This year, for the first time in my life, my mom dressed up also!!! I purchased a black wig for her to wear, and she had false eyelashes and a tee with a spider web && spider on it, and she had me do her makeup! It was fun times...

And of course I had to try on her wig:

I came to the conclusion that I look like an Asian Emily the Strange LOL

It did make me miss my black hair a lil....


I love being the Asian ginger kid.


But anyway, on Halloween my mom and I went out walking around town and got a bite to eat at McDonald's.

It was really good, and I hadn't had French Fries since Labor Day!!!

So there I was sitting dressed like Takanori Nishikawa, eating my dinner, when a woman walked up to me and said I reminded her of the little boy from The Grudge!!!

I'm like...........



I mean, that outfit is probably the most pastel and bright thing I have ever worn, yet I still look creepy!? HAHA

I guess I'm just a creepy kind of kid.

Yesterday and today I did nothing really. I mean, I went to the store to buy myself some dinner for Tuesday night, and today I cooked some food, but other than that...I haven't really did anything productive this week.


My mom did bake some homemade I get yummy bread for breakfast tomorrow PUMPED!


So yeah...I should go to bed.

G'nite loves.




Here's a picture of a lil' something I made in honor of Halloween:

I bought a skeleton and dressed her up in my old emo clothing from my dark days lol

And bought a cheap wig for her to wear. I thought it was quite the clever idea...and I even put Hello Kitty socks on her to make her a lil' bit cute XD

But anywho...time for my BIG SURPRISE!!!





Here it is:

I cosplayed T.M.Revolution's "The Force" album cover!!!

Take a look at some of the pictures:

Cool, huh!?

It was overall the best cosplay I have done to this day.

Now for my descriptions~~

Wig - Ebay kanekalon dark copper brown wig
Blouse - Etsy 1970's lavender crop blouse
Vest - Ebay floral 1980's vest
Pants - Hong Kong yellow capris with silk stitching (made by At)
Boots - Etsy camel knee high boots
Flowers - silk daisies from Michael's craft store

I hope you liked my Halloween surprise!!!!!!!!!!!

It took me two months to put it all together, but it was really worth it!!!

Additionally, the cosplay out fit is not for sale.

There will soon be more information and a more in depth blog about my Halloween and my weekend, but that shall wait for now.