My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Busy Busy Kitty


I'm sure by now you have all noticed that I updated my blog design. I know its not much different, but I added my banner logo to the top of the blog.

It looks super duper kitteny nao, don't ya think?




I don't need your response.

I know it looks uber kitteny.

Okay, so now I must update you on my events from last week!

I didn't blog last week due to the simply fact that I did not believe there to be anything interesting going on after Takanori's birthday passed. On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment (@.@) which I always hate due to my size/weight/etc. They always start telling me that I'm underweight and whatnot but honestly kittehz I don't really care. I like the way I look and I'm seldom ill so that is all that really matters, ne? However, this time they didn't do that to me.

After the appointment we went and visited an old family friend in a care center. That made me rather sad due to her not having any family left and her non-blood niece being a greedy pug face. After the visit it was really late and we had not eaten anything all day so we decided to grab a bite at the hospital cafeteria. BAD IDEA. There was nothing for me to eat except soup and salad, so I had to eat a salad and a bowl of cream of cauliflower soup ('n'); So nawt kitteny. I ate the salad cuz it was sorta good but the soup was kinda awkward so I ate the cauliflower out of it and threw the rest away.

The only good thing about that day was wearing my new white pants!!! HAHA

Anywaaayyyy back on topic: Therefore, I do not recommend eating at a hospital cafe, especially if you have gotten up early to go to the doctor's office and then visit the elderly and not eat anything all day and are looking desperately forward to a nice hot meal. HAHA

Actually, I don't recommend ever eating anywhere that people would usually have to be sick to or visiting the sick in order to be there.

Wednesday and Thursday were virtually uneventful for me. I ate some Hot Pockets. lul



Friday, Friday, Friiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaay~~~

Very eventful.

On Friday we went to the video store to get some movies, then went out for lupper (my invented word, combo of lunch + supper; kind of like brunch, combo of breakfast + lunch) at my all time favorite restaurant, Panera Bread. I got my usual sammich and as always it was the most kitteny thing since bread was created.

After the amazing food we went shopping and I bought some stuff to make Halloween cookies and harvest cookies with; consisting of but nawt limited to:

Orange icing
Orange glitter gel icing
Cream cheese frosting
Gingerbread mix
Pumpkin cookie mix

I am going to make pumpkin-shaped pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting, orange icing gel writing and Halloween sprinkles!

Then I'm gonna make gingerbread men with orange icing and sprinkle designs!!! And faces!!!

Its gonna be kitteny good.

Over all it was a good day, with the exception of one little teensy weensy event.

Wanna know what happened?

Do ya??


That's what I thought ;P

I almost had some stuff stolen frum me, and I went all weekend being all worried and upset and angry.

However, the mood was changed yesterday when we went out to take the movies back to the video store and stopped by to check in about my stuff. Low and behold...

I got it back!!!!!!


Yatta yatta yatta~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

I am one happy happy happy King Kitty.

All is right in the universe now that AtJap13 is content. HAHA

Last night we made a pineapple upside down cake and I ate some this morning. OH MY KITTENS! It is really good. As for my weekend events other than the devastation over believing some of my stuff to have been stolen, I shall write about those at a later date and show you something UBER AWESOME!!! Haha Also I will be showing you about an amazingly delicious meal I cooked!! Don't forget to check it out~~!

But right now, I need to go defend the world against orange and green argyle aliens.



Birthday + Stalker??


How are my gorgeous kittehz this fine day?

Sorry, I know I haven't been writing much lately, but I'm hopefully going to make up for that now. And perhaps gain back some of my epic epicness in the meantime HAHA

Cuz after all, I am your King Kitty. lololol

So Tuesday I had a birthday. And uh...yeah. It wasn't anything great; just knowing that I'm getting another year older and pretty soon I will no longer be the adorable, sweet, loving little kitten you all know and love.


More like hate, but c'mon gaiz, you know I try to get you to love me, right?



Just kidding. I don't give a Manx cat's missing tail what you all think of me. Like I said before, if I did care what peeps thought, there'd be no AtJap13. I'd still be the nerdy Asian kid.

Anywho, I had a birthday and now I'm waiting for something great to happen in my life.

Which reminds me! For my birthday, since I did nawt want a cake (Lava cake + baby bundt cakes + grad cake = cake overload XD), my mom and I decided to make homemade lasagne.

We made it like 12 layers thick and since I don't eat beef or pork we used ground turkey and turkey Italian sausage for the meat sauce. It was kitteny good and I've been eating lasagne every day for the last 4 days now lol

I also managed to nab a few moar stalkers on that paedo video site called youtube. They've been perving over my AtJap13 persona for quite some time XD Its funny cuz they make comments and say things about me---as if I care. Also, some Thai (she says she's Thai, but I think she's Japanese) girl made a video dedicated to me, and even called me a ginger HAHA

I love being the little Asian ginger kid.

And that's all for the awkward now time for my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Are you ready?





Well, that's just too bad.

I am nawt telling you gaiz yet. You have to earn it :3

Until then, here's mah kitty:



2001.09.11 - 2011.09.11

Hey kittens.

This is just a brief lil message for you gaiz, in honor of 9/11.

So many lives were lost that day, and now, here we are.

Its been a decade and we still have yet to repair from the damage.

However, America has remained strong and will continue to do so.

I just wanted to say that.

Have a peaceful day, America.

Stay strong.


Get to Know Me~ Survey xD

What's your nickname? Atism

Where do you live? All over

What's your favorite thing to do? Be strange

How tall are you? 5'2'' or 157cm

What's your favorite food? anything Italian

What color are your eyes? dark brown

Are you single or taken? single

Who do you love? three people

What's your mom's favorite show? Secret Life of the American Teenager XD

What are your parents names? Helen & Steven

How many siblings do you have? none

What kind of pets do you have? one cat

What's your favorite animal? cats

Did you do well in school? yeah

What did you dream about last night? don't remember

What's your biggest fear? failure

What do you want to do right now? go out somewhere

Where do you see yourself at in 10 years? I'll be a famous musician and actor in Japan

Are your parents married/separated/ or/ divorced? divorced

Do you like chocolate? not really

Are you easily amused? yeah

What's your favorite song? HOT LIMIT by T.M.Revolution

What's your favorite T.V. show? Code Lyoko

What's your favorite movie? Corazon de Melon (2008)

Who's your hero? Daisuke Asakura

When's your birthday? September 13

Were you a difficult child? nah

What's your best childhood memory? Yezi

What/Who makes you happy? my friends, Takanori, and LEVIN

Do you cry a lot? nope

Explain yourself in one word. inexplicable

What do you think about the most? Takanori XD

Where is your dream vacation? See the Great Wall of China

Are you bilingual? yupperz

Last Question : Do you have patience? yeah




How are my lovely peepz doing this fine Monday???

I hope you are doing great, becawse I...

I am doing great, my friends! I have gotten over my brief Nishikawa Takanori heartbreak and replaced...erm...displaced some of my love of Nishikawa-san with my current obsession with Minzy from 2NE1. And of course my adoration of LEVIN helps also. haha

Minzy is just so gorgeous ^^

Last year at this time, I was awaiting the second week of school, and being happy that I had nawt yet fallen ill with a cold ;_; haha

But I haven't fallen ill yet this September!! And most certainly hope I do nawt...

Anyway, I went to the Spaghetti Warehouse on Saturday (heart) And their menu was HUGE! I could nawt even decide upon what I wanted to eat lol but the free bread they kept bringing sure made the decision easier. I finally decided to try this thing call fried ravioli, and it was breaded cheese ravioli that had been deep fried and then served with marinara sauce and garlic butter sauce. So decadent OvO


I finally remembered to take a picture of one of my pictures that are like the ones I got taken for my passport. Here it is:


I look like an orange haired creeper x_x............................................

But a cute creeper!!! XDDD

Today I made homemade chili cheese fries with turkey chili sauce and shoestring French Fries. They were so kitteny good, but they made my tummy hurt -tear- :d

Right now, I have to go pierce some hairless cats' ears!!! G'nite~~!!!!




So my roots were really black on my hair...x.x haha I always wait four months between touch ups, cuz I'm afraid the bleach will fry it. One time I had a really bad experience with bleach, and a chunk of my hair actually broke off so that it was only an inch long.

It was quite awkward looking, but it ended up being my short piece that I wear on the side, so everything was OKAY! xD

Anywho, since I love having copper hair, I got my roots done and my hair re-dyed. It went from this:

To this:

Now I'm once again the lil Asian ginger kid.

Also, today I finally was able to get my passport (woo-hoo!) and my hair looks orange in that picture xP I really love it.

Other than getting a passport, I also had some interesting excursions today. For dinner, I ordered macaroni & cheese with a side of glazed baby carrots, but the cooks got my order all wrong, and tried to make me wait for the carrots. You see, kittens, I am one of those weird eaters that likes to eat the veggies first, then my pasta/meat/etc items.

But they messed my order all up, and by the time I got the carrots, my macaroni & cheese was cold, so they brought me another one. So y'know, I was finally able to eat my meal...or so I thought. That was definitely nawt the case tharr.

The carrots were cold and hard and tasted like water when they were supposded to be sweet and glazed and yummy.

So, I ate two bowls of macaroni instead haha

So it looks like I ate two servings of everything LOL

Buttt tomorrow I get a good meal! Cuz I'm going to the Spaghetti Warehouse!!!!!! I have never been there, but I've heard their food is really good...

And I really hope so!!!

I shall update tomorrow evening about that excursion...

Until then, g'nite loves :)