My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Random Things!


Hey kittenz. I know you have all realized that I have been on a youtube hiatus lately. There are many reasons for that, my kittens, but I cannot explain all of that right now. I will, however, allow you a window into the amazing life that is the life of AtJap13. As you know, I began in late 2009 on youtube with a video I cleverly named "AtJap13's Message to Wapanese", and almost immediately became the most hated person on the site. My image has changed a great deal since that cold November day, but the general message and aura of my videos has remained the same. I am the 94 pound, annoying, controversial, opinionated, obnoxious, strange, obscure, sometimes clever, sometimes funny, occasionally aesthetically appealing but always eye catching, awkward Asian kid that talks way to much and neer seems to speak a lick of English.

I know that's what you think of me.

And I can live with that.

Because honestly, kittens, I don't give a flying hairless cat's right hind paw what you think of me. If I cared what people thought of me, I'd still be sitting in my room dressed in all black writing depressing lyrics and drawing macabre pictures, whilst imagining life in another time/place/space-time continuum. SRSLY. That is what I would have become. And I would have died old, cold, and without anyone ever knowing the amazing awesomeness of which I have grown to be. Yes, I have come a long way. I am no longer the strange quiet nerdy Asian kid I was six years ago. Now I am bright, vibrant, colorful (maybe a lil too colorful), outgoing (again, maybe in extremity), extroverted, stylish (on a good day hurr hurr), and most importantly influencial. And I do it all while wearing platforms xD

Okay, so I know that a pity party blog entry was NAWT what you were looking forward to reading, and I am sorry for putting you through that tumultuous and wordy typing diarrhea, but I guess I just did it because I felt like it.

Anyway, moving on. After all, I am the person who you usually turn to to either cheer you up or brighten your day or encourage you to go on; whether it be because you enjoy my videos/writings/music or because you find me funny and amusing or even if you merely draw sadistic pleasure from mocking me and laughing at my stupidity. Whatever feeds your puppies. Either way, I am a very happy and easy going person, and can usually be counted on to make others feel happy as well, so I will go back to being my oh-so-kitteny self. Because face it, kittehz.

You must face it.

Without crazy, wacky, cooky, idiotic, ridiculous, obscure, funny people like me, the internet would be a rather dull and monotenous thing.

Don'tcha think?

Very boring yo.

Cuz afterall, how many of you prefer colorful to monochromatic?

Well, I don't know about you, but...

I'll take a rainbow over a black hole ANY day of the week.

Just think of me as that rainbow in this black hole that is the internets.

Now with that said, I shall move on to my next thing. I have been thinking lately and I have decided that I am going to take the year off from schooling of any kind and really work on my music and my acting career. I am going to go to studios, audition for competitions, hopefully get a few moar gigs, and tryout for movie roles. Basically what I am going to do is try to put myself out there a lil moar and get moar fans. I want to get really out there; like REALLY OUT there. Kind of like how my e-friend and colleague of sorts, Alix Henriol, got featured in that magazine and was the cover girl. That's what I need. I need to be featured in a magazine or some sort of online news page etc etc in order to spread the word about my existence and my enterprise.

Afterall, the whole AtJap13 persona is moar than just me and moar than just my online identy. The whole idea means something so much greater. Overall, my own self, the entire image and the youtube channel stands for how rather than call them out and make a mockery of the differences we have, people need to embrace those differences and encourage diversity. Without diversity, we as humans would be nothing. And that, my friends, is my life goal in a nutshell. I wish to encourage acceptance of diversity and understanding of each other's uniqueness. Race, sex, sexuality, gender identity, and religion are all the things that make each of us unique and set us each apart from the next guy.

I mean, if we were not unique, what would we be???

White, heterosexual, alpha-male/alpha-female, and Protestant???

I mean,


If that's the case, we should all just be grey, asexual and agnostic.

Pffts. Once again, I am sorry for all this seriousness tonight. I guess I was just feeling in a really philosophical and New-World-Thinking mood. Which is very funny, because I am, after all, the King of the New World. I should be able to give (erm, type) speaches like this all of the time all over the place. Not just on my blog here on blogspot, but somewhere important. You know, like on a politcal forum or something. Afterall, I have always been quite fond of politics, despite my being an anarchist. The only reason I am an anarchist in the first place is because I believe that no current form of government or existed government has worked. We as a species of humans has yet to have an effective governmental system. One that is good for all groups of people. One that does not try to change us but instead encourages us to be ourselves and become who we need to become in order to be happy and not want to infringe on others.

So whaddya think, kittehz?

Should At run for a political office? lolololol

Orz. I'd do great until it was interview or press conference time. Then I'd have to just wing-it and hope for the best.


It's getting late and tomorrow I have a very important date!!! See ya~~

Atの1313終了「The Best of AtJap13」

Foar any of you kittenz that didn't have the chance to check it out on Youtube or forgot it existed XD

I know y'all are busy folk, cuz I sure am, so I though I'd help ya out.




Waaa @_@

Yo say kittens.

This weekend has been quite interesting.

Last week my mouth was sore from my braces being tightened. Personally, I am sick of going to the orthodontist due to the fact that I have had braces for over three years, and my teeth look the same now as they did last summer. lol

But apparantly they have some scientific-sounding explaination as to why I still have to wear them, for about another 2-4 months.

However, I believe they have turned out quite nice. What do you guys think?

Due to my mouth being sore, I had to eat soft food, so I cooked me up some dinner(s). First I made this pasta. Its shells with garlic and parmesian and bread crumbs :) I love pasta lol

I also made another kind of pasta, which was multicolored linguine with a parmesian-butter sauce.

I wish I lived in Italy xD I love being 1/4 Italian (:

Yeah, so, that's about it.

My life keeps on getting moar and moar boring.


I do have some semi-exciting news. You ready for it???

I know you are.

I recorded the intro before the intro to my new webshow, Jap Trap. The debut of the intro will be sometime in mid-August to early September with the actual real intro to Jap Trap being one week after that. I have yet to decide the schedule for the new show, but it is going to be much more thought out and more interesting/edited/etc than 1313. So I am thinking that instead of weekly or every-other-week episodes I will do monthly to every-six-week type of thing.

What do you guys think?

Well, I have plenty of time to think about it, because I am not going to begin Jap Trap unil after mid-September. There will be moar information about Jap Trap later on, and I will give moar detailed descriptions of the types of things I will be doing on the show. But, like I said before, it is going o be moar elaborate than 1313 ever was.

So, right now, I gotta go bathe 11 and 1/2 cats!!

See ya ~~




My new single, NUCLEAR (JAPANESE VERSION), has been released!!!

Go to for a chance to listen and promote it on your profiles, etc etc

If you wish to download, send me a message or comment on my Reverb page or this blog or where ever your little heart desires. After I get your message, I will send you the info pertaining to payment.

There is also an English version of the song, and when you purchase the Japanese single you will receive the English version and the ultra sped-up remix version with it :DDD

So, yeah, holla @ me.







I finally, after several people asking me to, created a tumblr account.

So, go tharrr

Teh link is

Oh, and I have recently gotten quite addicted to that game Cooking Mama. LOL I'm on level 13 baybay!!!

Have a kitteny day!!



YO SAY!!!!

Whazzup mah kittehz???

Today I had a casting call to attend.

I know you're all dying to know how that went, so I'm gonna tell ya from the beginning.

We got their around 1 PM but took a wrong road and ended up driving about for about 30 minutes looking for the hotel in which the call was being held. When I first saw the length of the line, I was thinking "Oh my kittens, there is no way I am ever going to get to the call," and the people with me were saying that there was no way I was going to be able to stay. They get worried about me because of my small stature, I guess lol.

I ended up waiting in line for five hours, and had nothing to eat but a roll of lifesavers and two bottles of water. By the time I reached the call, I was sweaty, hungry, and exhausted yet I still had to put on a good face for my headshot. Well, I don't know if it can be called a headshot, since it felt more like a mugshot with holding a number and whatnot. However, I enjoyed the overall experience and had a great time and made new friends in the process.

I will add a brief disclaimer for you gaiz though:

If you wish to attend an open casting call for a movie or television show or what be it, be prepared to get all dressed up in your best clothing, do your hair and makeup, and skip breakfast for the audition only to end up waiting in line for hours and entering the call sweaty, grungy, hungry, and tired. Have fun kittens!!!


I'm Baaack!!


At's back baby (:

I hope y'all missed me!

Because I most certainly did NAWT miss you.



I really did not miss you gaiz.

I guess due to the fact that I was having so much fun and seeing so many different things, I totally forgot about you kittehz.

I mean, it was super awesome. Nawt as awesome as Vegas, DC, and NYC, but yeah, pretty awesome.

So yeah, I forgot about you gaiz.





You know I wouldn't forget about you gaiz, I love y'all way too much for that. I made a video documentary of my trip for you (:

However, it will nawt be going on the internet for quite some time due to the fact that even though I'm back from vacation I am still on break. And enjoying every minute of NAWT being AtJap13.


So now, a little about my trip.

The picture above shows me in Bay City on a boardwalk over a river connecting to the lake. It was very windy lol.

On the first day, it took us forever to get going, but once we got on the road we arrived at our destination quite fast. I had yummy "pancake puppies" and chicken sausage for my meal.

The next day, I had a free bagel for breakfast at the hotel, then wore this outfit:

I wore my sushi necklace ^^ I love my sushi necklace~~ My friend from college made it for me (:

But yeah, that day we went to Frankenmuth and went shopping in the different little shops, then went on a river cruise and even a carriage ride! I ate this really delicious ice cream, two flavors, one called "eskimo kiss" which was a vanilla-chocolate-coconut and another called "girl scout cookie" and it was mint with cookie pieces in it! So good~~

For dinner we went to the Frankenmuth brewery and I got chicken nachos. The portion was HUGE so I didn't eat very much of it haha but my mom ate some too so that way I didn't look too rude.

On Wednesday we went to Bay City and out to dinner at this sweet restaurant called Lattitude 43. I had salmon and bread and it was really really really good!!! I love that restaurant!!! I want to go back, like right now XD

After that, we went for a walk on the boardwalk and through a park and all around until it finally got too late to walk anymore so we had to head back to the car.

These are pictures I took in Bay City.

The first one is a really cool house/castle thing and the second is my mom standing on the pier.

On the way back to the room, I got one of my migraines so I was unable to Saginaw which makes me really sad. It also prevented me from going to the pool, which also makes me really sad.

The last day I got up and ate some toast and then got ready to check out of the hotel. On the way home, we stopped at the Birch Run Outlets and I bought an obnoxious orange shirt, then we went to the Harley Davidson store and I bought a shirt there. Our final stop on our vacation was Ann Arbor, and I got a really awesome grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, and it was so wicked awesome because it had mozzerella sticks on the sandwich.

We didn't get home until around 8 pm!!!


Yeah that's all folks.





Haha love ya kittens.

But, I will be gone for a few days (: I'm going on vacation baby!

I am just leaving this quick blog for you, so that y'all don't throw some kinda tantrum on ED and act like I died so pulled a Boxxy.


So, kittehz.

Can ya hold teh internet fort down while your king is away??


I will update everything in my life as soon as I get back~

But, in the meantime, I has some news for you.

As you all know, my single was supposed to be released July 13, Japan time, but now it has changed. Due to my vacation and other goings-on, the new release date is July 21!!! (Also Japan time)

So, until then, stay kitteny!!!



DO IT!!!

Or I will eats you ;PP


Music Update~!


As you can see from the video I posted a coupla days ago, my new single is about to be released. On the CD, there is an English version and a Japanese version of my song "Nuclear" plus a special version of a past song :3

I can't wait for its release and I hope you feel the same!!!


In other news, I hope my American fans had a good 4th of July holiday. My was OK, and I ate smilely face potatoes (:

I love those lil things~~

So yummy in mah tummy.

Also, I hope you all liked my "BEST" video, I worked really hard on that thing, carefully choosing the clips and even moar carefully putting them in a chronological order that also told a story of sorts.

So, make sure to check it out gaiz! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you :D

I have a big announcement I would like to make eventually, but right now I am not going to be able to say it lol

After all, I am on break :P


Sorry, kittens.

Y'allz just gonna have teh wait ;P

So, yeah...

Until then, stay kitteny!!!


The End of 1313

Hey kittenz.

This post is just to let you know that on July 1 a legacy ended.

My webshow, At's 1313, is now over.

The final episode was "The Best of AtJap13" and was a compilation video with all of the best moments from the show set to music.

Despite the end of 1313, I already have a new webshow in the making (:

However, I do not know when I will begin creating this new show, but I do know that it will happen...eventually. Right now, however, I am taking a break.

This is my not-making-any-videos break.

Enjoy the absence of my lovely face, kittehz!!!!!

The new show will be different from 1313, but still hold the same controversial, pointless, and eternally lulzy overlay.

Now, I will post the so-called vital stats:

Run Time: about 20 months
Start Date: November 10, 2009
End Date: June 17, 2011
Finale: July 1, 2011

All in all, I think it was a great show and even greater experience.

Thank you all for watching!

I love you all!!!

Make sure to watch the next show, also!!!

Thanks so much gaiz. I relaly appreciate it.