My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Back to Better??


'Tis At, and I am back ;P

I was sick for the weekend, but now I am feeling quite better.

I had a fever, chills, aches, and various other issues o.o

It was definitely not kitteny............


Not to mention the fact that I had no appetite for the whole weekend, and ended up eating nothing but rice and cinnamon cake (I'm weird, I know) for three days.

However, I am now slowly and surely recovering, and hopefully, with all the power in this oh so kitteny universe, I will be in prime condition by graduation.

Wish me the best gaiz.

Which reminds me, in five short days and some odd hours, I will officially be a high school grad.

'Tis gonna be great kittehz.

Other than that, I don't really have any news updates for the day. Except the fact that she is in the room with me at this very moment. LOL

Also, I got my perfect attendance award :)

Six years in a row baby.

Also, I got some other stuff too XD


That reminds me......

T.M.Revolution released yet another single. It's called FLAGS and I find the music video quite entertaining. Especially the funny women dancing in the white outfits. LOL

Some other news I wish to share, is how for the TMR 15th anniversary, Takanori Nishikawa and Hello Kitty teamed together and there are these epically kitteny shirts for sale on the site, but I am currently unable to purchase one ('o`;)

*wailing cry*


*end cry*

Much better.


Anywho, g'day loves.


Feeling Under the Weather...

Yo say kittehz.

So here's At, and I'm really sick...again.

I have the flu or a cold or something.

All I know is my body hurts, my nose is congested, and I lost my voice.

The only good news is that I am graduating in a week (: Actually, one week from right now I will be a high school grad (:

But, in the mean time, I am sick, and must rest.



It's all OKAY!


So I had my performance. Pic is of my outfit for the show.

I didn't make it to the finals, but that's because all of us were really good. I believe I did well, but there were parts where my voice cracked due to me not having had enough sleep the night before lol But yeah. I kinda wanted to make it to the finals, but there's always next year and I know that next year I can.

However, I am going to try out for another competition, and if I make it to the semifinals in that I'll be able to perform in front of a rather large crowd this summer. (Love it)

The audition is tomorrow, and I am going to use my ol' standby tryout song, WHITE BREATH due to the fact that its rhythmic yet still fun. I never like to be a bore. If I make it to the semifinals I'll probably do HOT LIMIT, since I am not that comfortable singing in English yet.



A friend of mine told me about this awesome site, REVERBNATION so I joined it. I posted three of my "best" originals on there, and I'm hoping to meet fellow musicians and jumpstart my career a little more. These singing competitions are quite good because they allow me to meet new people and possibly obtain new opportunities.

I also joined Bandmix. I feel that if I can meet guitarists and drummers that share my musical interests, together we can form something great :)

I plan on starting playing in clubs this summer, and if all goes well, perhaps a few festivals.

So, wish me luck my kittens!!!!!!!


Getting There Slowly...


'Tis At once again.

So I found this really awesome site. I can read Men's Knuckle and Men's Egg magazine without having to purchase them :)

And now I can be a total gal-boy fashionista lolz

Today is the big show yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I practiced and rehearsed and I think I've got it. My costume for the show fits in really well too, and I shall post pics later. Which reminds me, I have a couple pics from TMR day:

My tag for Takanori!

My total ensemble :)

(Belt and shirt courtesy of the 1998 T.M.Revolution LIVE REVOLUTION KING OF JOKER tour)

So yeah, that was that.

And for today.......................

WISH ME LUCK KITTEHZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


T.M.Revolution 15th Anniversary!!



I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Wow, fifteen years. That's a lot of years lol

And I look forward to many more!

In five years, it will be twenty!!

You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and good luck in the future




Hey kittehz.

Yesterday was meh mommy's bday so I took her out to dinner.

That's how I looked :) I have my awesome new white collar on! I love it so muchhhh



Twas also teh prom, but I did not go to that. I never even thought about going, to be honest. Proms just aren't for me. haha. I'm too un-fancy XD

My idea of "dressing up" is wearing shiny platforms and Tripp pants lol

But, I do suppose...

I could be quite handsome if I tried.


But yeah...I had no reason to do so. My best friends weren't going either, so I took my mom out to dinner and then we went shopping instead XD


More important news!

I voted for the song I wish for Takanori to feature on the UNDER:COVER 2 CD. I voted for DREAM DRUNKER lol Because I would love to hear him sing it again (@u@) its such a cool song~~

But yeah, I voted for that song, and so far, its not on the top list XD (I didn't actually expect it to be, but, yah nevar know, y'know?)

But a few other favez of mine are on there, including Burnin' X'mas, Albireo, and HEAT CAPACITY.

For anyone who purchased the recent album, CLOUD NINE, you should go to and click on the UNDER:COVER 2 box to vote for the song you want on the album (I suggest voting for DREAM DRUNKER or Untouchable Girls, but that's just me ;P)

So do it...


At said NAO!!!

Or you shall have no pie :P (Cuz At's gonna eat it all)

Well...that's that loves. g2g ttyl

Love ya! :D


Here we go again...


Okay kittehz, I got some serious progress here. So I got my official letter in the mail today from Temple, and believe me gaiz, it is even more thrilling in ink than on an email when you see that you have been accepted to the college of your primary choice.

Other than that, I have also prepared the CDs of my backing track to Down to You in order for me to perfom at the semifinals in the competition. I'm so pumped yo~~


In even better news...

My final for the college class is tomorrow, and I am finished with class!!!

At school I only have four classes, so now my days will be very short and easy. I love this part of this school year.

Its great.

I am also going to have a couple of my paintings in my community's art show, so I am pretty pumped about that also.

Despite all of the good things going on in my life, I am looking very forward to this year ending. I know that sounds kind of out of the ordinary but...

Y'know kittehz,

I've had perfect attendance for 5 years.

That is a long time my friend.

I know it seems like a long time to you, but...

its an even longer time for the person who's living it.


So I am ready for a break.

That's why I'm not even starting college until the spring semester of 2012.

This way, I will have a nice break from the norm. (^3^)

Lastly, I just want to post about something I've been thinking about for a while now. I am sure all of you know that I self identify myself as a gyaru-oh, but I just want to inform you that once I am in Tokyo I will be doing full-on gyaru-oh, perhaps even Center Guy. I could seriously picture myself with the bright orange hair, colored lenses, and Center makeup.

I could ttly see me like diz.

More importantly, I am loud and kind of obnoxious, so I have the attitude as well.

And as for the philosophy of the Yamanba culture, I am one of those individuals that tends to rebel against societal norms and what not, so let us see what happens.



After all, I love causing a scene and making people hate me :D

Don't ya think???



Or am I???

SEE YA~~!!


Movin' Awn?


Just a quick lil update.

Life's going purdy good for me right now, other than the fact that I have get to find an "other half".


Last year at this time, I was so happy~~

I guess I'm happy this year too, but for different reasons. This year I'm happy due to graduation, college, and the singing competition.

Last year I was happy because of friends, her, and my demo.


Things change so drastically and we just can't do anything about it...

She has already moved on, while I'm still sitting here like the lame idiot I always knew that everyone thought of me as.

Her new boyfriend is literally the polar opposite of me. LOL

Maybe I was just too awesome for her ;P


Well, gotta go for now kittehz. Early rise in the morning.

LOVE YA!!!!!!