My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa



Yo say.

This blog is of a more somber tone, kittenz. I just received some sorrowful news, and I am very saddened by this bit of news.

My aunt's little dog, Alexandria, Alex for short, died this morning in her home. She has been sick for some time now, and today she didn't wake up.

She was such a kind little dog, and I am more of a cat person, but she was like a cousin to me. My aunt had no children, so Alex was like her daughter. My family is going to hold a little "funeral" service for her, and she is going to be greatly missed. My aunt got her when I was only seven, so she was in our family for over eleven years. Life is going to be quite different without her.

Other than that, I really do not have any other news for today...

Love you all.


Atの1313エピソード103「Tokyo, I'm On My Way」

OH NOEZ! It drawz to a CLOZE!!!


Well, I'm sorry I was unable to make a post yesterday, but here I am, correcting my mistake lol and I am letting you into the wonderful world of At once again.


We colored eggs for Easter. I hate eggs, but I like coloring them (:


I also made a new video on youtube. I'll be posting it on my blog shortly due to the fact that I believe it to be really supah kitteny yo. I'm also working on some other video projects, since the life of AtJap13's [At's 1313] is drawing to a close as I approach graduation. Although I am ending [At's 1313], I will NAWT be ending the vidz. After my final episode of 1313, I am going to reinvent my channel and make a new show, called "JapTrap" and post newer, more interactive videos documenting more interesting stuff, including having dance vids and what not. In time, I shall become moar popular lol...hopefully. XD

That's all for now, but...

Later on I will have moar news about teh new show.

Wait for it.


So, yeah, that's about it. Gotta go feed 12 and a half hungry cheetahs!!!

See ya =)


Tokyo, I'm On My Way!

Hey kittehs.

Just a brief lil update yo.

Here is the link to purchase my book:

I know you've all been looking so forward to it XD

Other than that, I really do not have much to say.


But I do.


I was accepted to Temple University Japan (:

Pretty pumped gaiz, nawt gonna lie.


My performance is quickly approaching. I have decided (by sheer emotional reasoning and the fact that its teh only song I know which contains both English and Japanese) to sing Abingdon Boys School's Down to You.

Yay me!


I'll be updating my progress frequently hopefully.

And, I still update my Japanese blog on moar than this one. Haha. I guess its just easier or moar convenient for me. LOL

So, uh, yeah. Daz all yo. Stay kitteny!!!



Song Lyrics: REST

This one goes out to a very special someone, and I think she knows who she is.

I'm not the kind of guy that you would wanna bring home to meet mommy & daddy
I'm not the kind of guy you'd wanna yell across a room "Hey! That's my hubby."
I'm not the kind of guy you'd want watchin over your baby
But I am the one, the one that'll love you for an eternity.

CHORUS: I love you like I never thought I could
Love anyone at all
I need you like I never knew I would
Need anyone at all
I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you
The rest of my life with you
My life with you

You're not the kind of girl that I would ever typically wanna be with or near
You're not the kind of girl whose voice and thoughts I would ever really wanna hear
You not the kind of girl in whose direction I'd ever steer
But you are the one, the one that's making my future life so clear


I knew the moment that I saw you
That things were gonna be different
But I guess I just didn't ever know
How different there were gonna be
I never thought true love existed
But now I know it does!



I still do.




Hey kittenz, 'tis At.

I have some great news.

You ready for it???


Are. You. READY!?!?!?

I applied to college, and my application was sent out officially on April 16 (April 15 in America) and I will have the verdict on May 6 (May 5 in America). I am so excited that I cannot even sit still!!! I only have to wait 17 moar dayz until I know if I'm accepted...yay!

It really looks like I am going to get in, due to the fact that I am quite the smart lil cookie and I am an excellent writer (for da essay) and my test scores are really high. Wish me luck gaiz!

On Saturday I made double turkey burgers. They were kitteny good dude.

Another bit of information is that I tried out for a singing compitition. In the audition I sang WHITE BREATH by T.M.Revolution. The judges really like it and I advanced to the semifinals!!! Yay At!!! I am so pumped about that as well yo.

No, I have to decide what to sing for the semifinals. I am thinking something along the lines of Abingdon Boys School Down to You or PUFFY True Asia. Both of which I can do a lil Japanese mixed with the English and make myself unique and what not.

Last little bit of information I have is that I cut my hair. Now, I truly have my TMR-style the force era 'do:

Waaaaaa~~~ Methinks At is in love with himselvez ye ye



Me so AWESOME!!!

Well, gotta go now, kittehz. Check me out: and for Japanese blog go to: (updated almost daily right now due to countdown yo)

At loves you.

Or maybe nawt.


Just A Lil Update...


'Tis At.

Just updating for no apparent reason...



I finally got to talk to my friend again (:

I'm really super duper happy about that.

On Sunday I made donburi :)

It was really good. Kinda like a tempura donburi with carrot and scallion.

I also have other news.



I've recently developed quite the obsession for Japanese guys who where copper/strawberry blond hair.

Funny, huh?


My hair's copper too lolololololol


LEVIN from La'cryma Christi is just adorable, and so is Takanori (I preferred his look back in 1998-2000 when he wore the copper hair)

So yeah....


I've recently started using Ameba.

I'm still getting the hang of it, though, so I won't give my info just yet haha

Until I get more familiar with it.

It took me two months to figure out livejournal lololol

All those years ago XD

Well, gotta go right now, but...

OH! Wait! I got new collars!! One is leopard print and one is white!

That's the white one, and I got it cuz I saw a really cute pic of Takanori wearing a white choker collar, and I then wanted one too haha.

And that's the leopard print one, inspired by T.M.Revolution's WILD RUSH single.




I'm Japanesey

YO SAY! Hey kittenz. Yesterday wuz an eventful day for me yo. I bleached my hair again, and I am so pumped. I ttly love it! Here's a pic of me without any makeup on, and no teasing/styling of meh harrz. Waaa--- I almost look masculine. :) Personally, I think my eyes look really bright here. But my brows seem crooked XD I guess that's what I get for always teasing about Yumi Yoshimura's crooked eyes and/or eyebrows. Now I have them. Haha. Or maybe its just an Asian thing. Our brows are crooked. LOL JKJK So, anywayz. Back to teh hair. Here I am with the dye on. I look like I'm wearing a bib XD (Don't laugh peepz, I didn't wanna ruin my blue shirt that is on underneath the white one) I look funnyyy HAHA TAH DAH!!! I think it turned out rather lovely :) I kinda look like a ginger now though XD An Asian ginger kid. lololololol So much for oxymorons HAHA Now, I really look interesting though. And, another plus side, no more black roots!!! Yatta!!! lol Other than bleaching and dyeing my hair, I also made a homestyle Japanese meal. It was a toriniku tempura of sorts, and it was so good!!! I also made glass noodles. GLASS NOODLE FINISHED PRODUCT! I thought it turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. Oh! Its funny. Yesterday when we were eating, I was using chopsticks and trying to teach my mom how to eat with them, but she just couldn't do it. So I started laughing and I instantly thought of Utada's song "Easy Breezy" and the line "And I'm Japanesey", so I said to her: You're not like Utada Hikaru. And she said: Huh? And I replied: Cuz you're not Japanesey! Hahahahahaha Epic, eh? Anyway, today I am going to make another dish with the leftovers, and I'll write about it when that time comes! Look for it gaiz!! Its gonna be kittenyyy LOVE YA!!!


A Sad Occurance

YO SAY. This is, once again, a somber entry. I am sorry to burden you gaiz with all my sadness, but I am certain that after I get out of this two week rut everything will be OKAY! So as you all know, yesterday was April 1st, and it fell on a Friday this year. Well, April 1st is a very sad day for me each year. You are probably now wondering why that is. Well, I shall tell you. When I was a child, after my dad left, my mom and grandma raised me. My grandma was always so kind to me and understood me. My mom, grandma and I used to go out shopping and to dinner every Friday after school, and went on little day trips and nice things like that. We all got along so well at that time, and I was happy. Then, sickness struck. We (my mom and I) thought it was influenza, due to the fact that we had gotten influenza quite badly. However, my grandma did not seem to be getting any better, and actually seemed to be getting worse. We finally decided to take her to the hospital. This is when my world came crashing down around me. She had cancer. It was too late. She died four days later on Friday, April 1st, 2005. At that moment I knew my life would change forever. My mom and I had no one. My stepdad was a total jerk. The kids at my school treated me horrendously all of the time. The hits just kept coming. By the end of that school year, my life as I had known it had shattered. That summer is the summer I changed. It took me four years before I started getting out of my rut, and becoming the person I am now. The happy, spontaneous, hyper, motor-mouthed, high tension little entity I have become. But still to this day, every year when those two weeks come, I become saddened and depressed. And this year has been especially bad considering the fact that the day has fallen on the exact same day as that year. So, that is why I have lately been kind of "under the weather" so to speak. My whole family is either dead or wants nothing to do with me ); So, kittens, I really hope your lives are going uber kitteny and you are all having a nice spring! I love you!



Heyyy kittens.


At here.

I know yesterday's post was rather on the down side, so today I figured I would step it up a lil and post the bright side of my life :D

I finished retyping my novella Yako, Inter and have published it on Amazon through Kindle books, and also I am publishing it for realz soon. I've got it all set up and I'll have the prototype book in two weeks or so. Yaaaaay

I am so happy about that!

Waaaaaaaaaa AtJap13 is the next best thing!!!





Haha. I amuse me.

Also, I have other news. I am going to be graduating soonnn~~ So pumped. Right now I'z on spring break && just chillin, but next week I go back to school :( however I'm really happy about it cuz that means only TWO MONTHS LEFT!

Yeah baby only two more months and then I'll be a high school graduate!!! LOLOLOLOL I'm kinda bummed cuz I got #11 on my class rank, which means no Top 10 but oh well :/ What can I do about it, right? Haha. I'm still the most kitteny thing since gluten-free bread.




Other than that, I don't really have much to say. Oh! I'll be busy next week so don't expect to see me online as much. XD I've been on waaaaaaay too much lately and really need some down time AWAY from all this. Haha.

I'll still be on twitter via keitai so you can catch me tharrr all you kitteny peepzzz

Ooh! I'm so pumped for morning 'cuz I found this bread; its like coffee cake bread with chocolate chips and goody stuffz and what not so I'm really looking forward to morning!

Wow. I am so freaking strange.

But I like it like that!

That's just the way I am ;P

I'll be updating tomorrow and on the weekend too cuz meh life is being ttly eventful right now. Amirite???

Huh gaiz???

Am I ?!?!?!?!

You bettar agree with me cuz...

You ready for it?


Are you???

Here it is..........

a one,

a two,

a one two three four!

In case you didn't already know,

I'm going to take over the world some day.

And King At will be in charge of all of you, and only my most kitteny peepz will be considered fellow peepz of the New World.

Just warning you.


I'm not nearly mean enough to conquer the world...

Or am I?


I kid, I kid.

But anyway, you still need to eat your vegetables.

Stay kitteny!!!

At loves you~~~

Or not ;3