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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa




Hey kittenz. How are you!?

This week has been an uber busy one for me. On Monday I had a doctor's appointment, then on Tuesday I had yet another one. I was happy about the one on Tuesday, though due to the fact that we went out for lunch-supper and I had sald && cheesy breadsticks. I love cheese and breadsticks and when you put the two together its just existential, man. 

On Wednesday I went back to the orthodontist in order to receive my two retainers. I got the orange one with the TAKA kanji on it in black and then the clear one. So far, I find them both to be quite annoying...

However, I really need to get used to them due to the fact that I will have to wear them as much as possible for the rest of my life...HAHA That is going to be a looonggg time (hopefully).


On Sunday we made pasta:

It was tri-color rotini with zesty tomato sauce with turkey smoked sausage in the sauce. We also put cheese in the sauce and on top of the pasta. So far, this has been my favorite meal of December.

At least I learn how to cook while I'm living on my own in Tokyo, otherwise I would end up weighing 80 pounds instead of my usual 90 XD That would be horrendous...especially considering how picky I can be at times.

Wednesday I finished off the rest of the pasta and Thursday we made moar quesadillas at home. I used this frozen diced chicken and made it oh-so-kitteny good. I put jalapeno peppers in the chicken along with onions and cheese. All of that went on a crispy tortilla and it was YUMMY.


Yesterday was an okay day, but it could have been better. Stepdad caused us to run late with our plans, and we ended up nawt getting all of our planned shopping finished. I still need to get quite a few things before I leave. We did manage to go to Panera Bread again (my all-time favorite restaurant), and I got my usual, of course.

Chipotle chicken panini on ciabatta bread with no bacon. YUM.

Man, I sure am going to miss those! I also love the cookies at Panera, as well as the chocolate pecan babka and of course the bagels and just the bread in general. At least I can get bagels and cookies at other places, though. That sammich is really my calling to Panera, and now I am going to have to live three whole years without one. Well, when I come back for my brief break before beginning my internship, I am most definitely going to get a few of them sammiches. Along with get my medical procedure done...and finish remodeling the kitchen.

Yeah, tomorrow we go to D.C. in order to get my actual visa. Yay~~~ I get to go to the Embassy of Japan...

Uh, yeah.

Nawt "yay". Moar like..."ugh". LOL

I will be back on Monday night (hopefully with a visa and a belly full of yummy food) and then I shall blog again! At least on the Japanese blog...sorry my English speaking kittenz, I just don't have time fo' ya anymoarz. I'm forsaking my English speaking kittens for my lovely Japanese speaking ones.


Just kidding. But yeah, I really don't have much time for this blog anymoar due to the fac tthat I am trying to immerse myself further into my Japanese half due to my plan of relocating to Japan in 16 days. After that, I promise I will make sure I have time for you guys. Beginning January 15, I shall blog at least once a week, every week, in English.

I may even learn Korean and Italian too!!! LOL So yeah...wait for me, kittehz!!!

I have been working on my music again lately. So far I finished the new single and it shall release December 25th. Its my special Xmas gift to you! HAHA But really, it is releasing on Christmas. The release date for my new album is February 14, 2012, JAPAN TIME. So yes, it shall release at midnight JAPAN time, so you kittens will get to listen to it and buy it by 10 AM Eastern US time. Now look at you, you lucky ducks; getting my album almost one whole day early! The new single is Muzu Muzu Mono, or "Creepy Things" and then I am releasing yet another single on New Year's Day Eastern US time. It is called "Never Knew". That will be the final single from this album. After the release of "Never Knew", you will just have to anticipate the release of the album.

Right now, however, I have a great deal of work to do. I must pack for tomorrow's trip, shower, and of course check about my online orders. So, until then, make sure you feed your polka dotted puppies!!! See ya~~~

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