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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


I Have Returned!


Your King Kitty is baaaaack~~~!!!!

How was your weekend? Mine was so HECTIC!! LOL I mean, I had to get up uber early on Sunday morning in order to head off to Washington DC. We stopped at Denny's around noon in order to get some food. I got a cheese and potato omelet and sourdough toast. It was extremely kitteny tasty. After that, we got back in the car and I listened to some music by Tila Tequila and attempted to take a short nap, but the nap was to no avail.

We stopped for coffee a few times along the way, got lost twice, drove in circles in downtown DC for two hours, then finally got to the motel around 6:00 pm. I wore this outfit on Sunday:

I'm your lil gyaru-oh (*^_~*)

After check-in, we walked down the street to McDonald's and I got some coffee and then looked for some cake at a gas station, but there was nothing that looked tastey so I just got some cheese crackers and two postcards haha

On Monday we got up early once again and went down to get free breakfast at the motel. I ate this huge croissant with lots of butter on it then we and got dressed to go take care of some business. We set back on the road around 11:00 am then stopped a little after noon to go get something to eat once again. We stopped at another Denny's and that time I got a sammich and some fries. I didn't eat the fries but the sammich was CHOU UMAKATTA!!! Sorry for the Japanese (romaji), but I could not find English words to express my love of that sammich. It was a breaded chicken patty dipped in buffalo sauce with cheddar cheese, onion, garlic spread and lettuce on ciabatta bread.

Before leaving DC I got one last glimpse of the Washington monument:

If I couldn't live in Tokyo, I would most definitely want to live in Washington Dc. Dude, I think I just have a thing for living in and liking capitol cities. XD

We did not get home on Monday until 6:00 pm and then I unpacked, worked out, and went straight to bed. I was worn out. Liek, SRSLY. On Tuesday we didn't really do much of anything other than some important mailing and medical matters due to the fact that we were too tired from the events of the weekend, and on Wednesday we had another busy yet fun-filled day. My mom and I made stuffed peppers and cleaned up a little around the house.

Today we went out to shop for the Christmas groceries. Tomorrow we have a great deal of cooking and baking to do for Christmas holiday, so we will be very busy once again!! However, I look really forward to it.

OH MY KITTENZ, kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't freaking believe that I am going to TOKYO in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!

My dream is coming true!!! I love my life so much!!!

I also just want to let you know that I have posted the commercial for my new single on my blog, and I hope you check it out.


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