My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Getting tharr...


Winter is almost here~!

The weather outside is really cooooolllllddd HAHA so when I went outside I wore a hat, two jackets, two pairs of pants, and my cyber goggles. I think I looked pretty good lol but the neighbors kind of stared.

Yesterday I got my top braces off~!!!

*dancing around*

I've had them on for so long that it feels weird to not have them. However, I am really pumped because now I look even moar like Takanori XD

Right now I still have the bottom ones on, but they will be coming off right before I leave for university at the beginning of next year. Woot.

I shall post pictures soon~~~

The day before yesterday I ate a bag of M&M's and a skillet of mini chicken sausages for supper. On top of eating the M&M's, I drank three cups of caffeine coffee and


I was so HYPER.

I danced around and jumped up and down and whatnot. Then I did 50 pushups in like thirty seconds. I was jumpin' of teh wallz, kitten. I love when I eat too much sugar and drink too much caffeine. I annoy everyone around me HAHA


I'm not thaaaaaaat annoying...



I currently have my airplane ticket and my hotel reservation for Tokyo, and as of right now I am all set to go!! So only 26 moar days until I am in the same area as Takanori Nishikawa!!!

*dances again*

I will have moar information later, but for now, I must go :(


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