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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Birthday + Stalker??


How are my gorgeous kittehz this fine day?

Sorry, I know I haven't been writing much lately, but I'm hopefully going to make up for that now. And perhaps gain back some of my epic epicness in the meantime HAHA

Cuz after all, I am your King Kitty. lololol

So Tuesday I had a birthday. And uh...yeah. It wasn't anything great; just knowing that I'm getting another year older and pretty soon I will no longer be the adorable, sweet, loving little kitten you all know and love.


More like hate, but c'mon gaiz, you know I try to get you to love me, right?



Just kidding. I don't give a Manx cat's missing tail what you all think of me. Like I said before, if I did care what peeps thought, there'd be no AtJap13. I'd still be the nerdy Asian kid.

Anywho, I had a birthday and now I'm waiting for something great to happen in my life.

Which reminds me! For my birthday, since I did nawt want a cake (Lava cake + baby bundt cakes + grad cake = cake overload XD), my mom and I decided to make homemade lasagne.

We made it like 12 layers thick and since I don't eat beef or pork we used ground turkey and turkey Italian sausage for the meat sauce. It was kitteny good and I've been eating lasagne every day for the last 4 days now lol

I also managed to nab a few moar stalkers on that paedo video site called youtube. They've been perving over my AtJap13 persona for quite some time XD Its funny cuz they make comments and say things about me---as if I care. Also, some Thai (she says she's Thai, but I think she's Japanese) girl made a video dedicated to me, and even called me a ginger HAHA

I love being the little Asian ginger kid.

And that's all for the awkward now time for my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Are you ready?





Well, that's just too bad.

I am nawt telling you gaiz yet. You have to earn it :3

Until then, here's mah kitty:


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