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Dude, I don't even know what to say about this...but it has been a case that I have been following for quite some time.

I'm sure most of you have heard of that sick perverted "prophet" Warren Jeffs. Well, I have watched the case and heard of the horribly horrendous things he was accused of doing to little girls/young women (and little boys, apparantly). Today, I was so happy to find out that the jury found him guilty of doing those horrible things.

Any man who could take a little twelve year old girl and rape her, and not just rape her, but humiliate her by having it recorded and acted out in front of the sister wives and the other dirty old men needs to go to prison for life. I hope he gets raped in prison in front of all the other men.

As far as that so-called "religion", FLDS, I believe the government should go in there and break up the entire thing. I mean, polygamy is one thing among consenting adults, but not a decent excuse for 55 y/o perverts to rape and humiliate underage girls! This entire group is nothing but a sick sexual cult and child prostitution ring that incorperates sadomasochism and exhibitionism into their rituals. Apparantly this guy even raped his nephew about a decade ago, but was not convicted of the crime.

I hate people like that! And those women...don't even get me started on them...they are just as bad, if not worse, as him. These mothers raise their daughters specifically to hand them over to "marry" old men. They allow their own sons to be ex-communicated in order to decrease competition for the old men getting young wives or child brides. Then they hold down the poor little girls and allow this dude to rape them, and tell them that everything is okay while he tells 'em not to worry about the pain because they are gonna go to heaven. Pfft!!

Yeah right!! God would never want little girls treated that way. God does not want old men marrying underage girls, and He does not want men marrying multiples women. I Has this creepo ever even read the Bible??? Sheesh!

I'm sorry I'm so ranty about this, but I mean, SRSLY. How can anyone believe all that stuff? I am sure Jeffs knows that what he is doing is 100% WRONG, immoral, evil, etc etc but that's exactly why he does it. He is EVIL. That whole group is evil, with the exception of the children, of course. I just really hope he gets what he deserves, and burns for all eternity (along with his followers) in the lowest ring of H*ll.

But in the meanwhile, let's hope the American justice system in Texas gives him a stiff penalty of 100+ years (the rest of his pathetic life) in prison.

C'mon kittenz, who's with me??!!

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