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Yo say kittehz :)

This is just a quick update of my life lately, and I promise it will nawt be another political/pitty entry. SRSLY. I am sorry about that last blog gaiz, but I really needed to get some stuffs out tharr about myselfz. So, can I has forgiveness? chuchu~~

Moving on...

My life has been purty interesting lately. I mean, I attended another festival, a bicentennial celebration. I also went out to dinner several times, bought some new things, and am even planning on going away for another weekend...this weekend! I'm such a busy little King Kitty lol

In case you hadn't noticed, I updated my Japanese blog on LJ and Ameba a couple of days ago, with the same information that I am now going to put on here in English. But first I just want to say that I do, like all people my age, get lazy (sometimes!) and just update the Japanese blogs because its easier. I don't know why, so don't ask me why. It just is easier for me to update those blogs than this one. Some of my blogs on this site, however, may turn a lil ranty due to the stuffs that's going on in this world (namely in the United States) currently. Some of the things I've been hearing about are literally making me sick to my stomach...


Back to me. Last Thursday I went shopping again. Usually I hate going shopping (with the exception of getting to go out for dinner xD) due to the fact that stores are always out of my size or they just don't make the clothes small enough for me. However, this time I hit the jackpot and managed to buy two new pairs of skinny jeans and a new T-shirt. I now have red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and black skinny jeans. All I need is orange and I have every color! lololol

I also bought these new tie-things for my shoes (the weird green spirals). I love funky colored shoe laces. They go great with my four inch platform sneakers! lol

That day I had a great dinner, too. The French fries were ah-mazing. Then again, I love anything deep fried. On Saturday I attended my neighboring town's bicentennial celebration. It was great; I had some awesome cheese pizza, some old-fashioned root beer, and went on a train ride! lol They didn't sell t-shirts or I would have bought one and showed you kittens. After checking out all of the booths, we walked around the town, about three miles, and then to the local convenience stores for something to drink. I bough Fiji water. I love that water!! Oh my kittens its like the best beverage evar.

After that, we returned to the celebration to watch fireworks. The whole day was uber kitteny, except of course for my run in with a mosquito.

I guess lil AtJap13 really is a weakling, because he got assaulted by a mosquito. haha

Yeah, but really. It bit my eyelid! My eyelid of all things!! How unfair!!! But, I did manage to get my revenge. I smashed that lil fella and got my blood all over my hand from its belly. When I got home I tried putting anti-itch cream on it, in hopes that it wouldn't become too swollen by morning, but as you can see from the pic below, my efforts were in vain.

Haha I looked like I received a botched eyelid surgery. One eye was monolidded and the other was semi-double lidded like my normal eyelids. I guess that's what bug bites on the eyelid look like when you're Asian. LOL And, I couldn't put any eyeliner on it because it was so itchy and sore, so I just had to leave it like that. However, I am prideful so I had to wear the eyeliner on the other eye haha so I probably looked like a real site for sore eyes (no pun intended ;P)

The worst part about the whole thing, is that we had planned to go out to dinner that day, so there I was, all dressed up with my hair teased and eyeliner on only one eye.

Oh well, I was still really happy cuz I ordered Texas cheese fries and this epic cake:
It's a chocolate lava cake with ice cream on top. One of my favorite desserts (and I don't even really like chocolate! xD) Last weekend was one great weekend. At least in the department of great eats.

Monday and Tuesday, however, were rather boring. I didn't really don anything. Except sync my iPod. But that's not fun lol.

I do have some news, though.

I don't know if you kittehs have heard of it, but, there's this really cute and fun song by the Japanese pop singer and former Morning Musume member, Aya Matsuura, called Ne~e. The song is fast and fun and Aya does a really cute and silly dance in the music video, so I have decided to learn that dance and record a cover of it. I know that is a little out of my style, since I'm usually just the ranty and obnoxious vlogger and musician, but there can be exceptions made. My e-friend Yukapon is the one that inspired me to do a dance video. I have just begun practicing the dance, and so far only know the first 40 seconds, so I have no idea when I will be able to actually record it and put it on youtube. Perhaps it will be featured in the first episode of my new webshow. Or maybe it will be in the intro. Or maybe I won't even put it on the AtJap13 channel. I have yet to decide. In the mean time, you can look forward to your favorite lil Jap Trap dancing an awkward dance for all the world, erm, internets, to see! haha

Right now, as I regret to inform you, I must go feed 3 and a 1/2 cats. See ya!!


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