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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


See Ya Later


This is just a quick blog about my current state of events. Tomorrow I am going away once again (but only for two days, my lovely kittens!). This time I am going to an amusement park, and possibly to a really cool restaurant to which I have been wanting to visit for quite some time. Its funny because despite my gyaru-oh antics, since we are only going to be gone one night, I only have a really small bag! My mom has to take a whole mini-suitcase...just for a car ride home!!!


She is so high maintanence. In a good way, I suppose xD

Oh! *Commence British accent nao* I have something I absolutely must tell you, my pretty kittyz. *End accent* Yesterday I awoke to the latest hearin in the Casey Anthony trial saga, and began eating M&Ms. Well, I filled up on the candy and forgot to eat breakfast! haha so then I had a very yummy sammich for dinner, and that made it all better.

I am so weird, huh?

Tomorrow I am so pumped about all of the great foods I will get the opportunity to try, and all of the other kitteny things I will get the chance to do. Tomorrow (if possible) I will write a quick (even shorter, lol) blog containing a picture of my outfit. I have planned to wear a really (and I mean really super-duper) bright, neon, and obnoxious orange shirt with some new denim shorts and neon green shoelaces in my platform sneakers. haha I might also add my cyber goggles around my neck just to give the entire ensemble a little extra mmph.

See ya then kittehz!!!

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