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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


I'm tired of titles so you get this.


I know by now that you've all seen my pre-intro introduction to my new webshow. I really hope you like it!! And I do also hope that you see the differences between "1313" and "Jap Trap".

I just love the feel of it!


I loved 1313 at the beginning too though...and then it just became sort of monotenous. I got this attitude like "ugggghhh! I have to make an episode this weeekkkkkk" or "blehhh mah eyes have bags under 'em...and I gotta film an episode today" or whatever.

But we'll just have to see what happens this time.

Since I'm filming ahead of time, then posting on schedule, I'm hoping I can avoid those sorts of problems. lol After all, the whole AtJap13 persona is all about being youthful, and I cannot do that if the circles under my eyes get any worse. haha other news, I went out today and got the hairdye to bleach my roots (finally!) and also went to lunch at Panera Bread. Which reminds me, I have to tell you kittens about my weekend. I made turkey hash again (: And it was delightfully kitteny. lol

Random subject change. Seems like I am doing a free write again or something.


Yesterday my mom made turkey chops and rice for dinner. So yummy in my tummy. XD I sure will miss her cooking when I go to college...

Which I feel better about now. I got some really good news the other day, and have all of my stuff in order, so uh yeah...I'm not worried anymore. Not really, anyway. haha Yet again another random topic change. Sorry about that gaiz. I am kinda odd feeling tonight.


My kitten (erm, cat) tried to steal my laptop. She spread out and layed her head on the keyboard. I had to really creep up on her with my cell phone in order to be able to snap this picture.

Today when I went out I also bought some curry and ramen noodles. Not instant ramen, but the actually noodles to make homemade ramen soup with. And curry to make curry. You see, my mom is cooking this huge pack of chicken on Saturday so I want to do some cooking while we have chicken, cuz I don't like making poultry or fish. lol I just cook carbs.

We also got cake mix and frosting and stuff in order to make my graduation cake (late, I know) and have my celebration. I shall take pictures of the during && after for you kittens.

But right now, I must go D; G'nite lovelies~~

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