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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa




So this week has been really hectic.

And I've been uber busy.

I mean UBER DUPER busy.

Liek srsly gaiz. I'm ttly pooped.

I have been running around getting my passport stuff ready, and filling out forms and whatnot and gathering financial information together etc etc so I'm really bogged down. I am in srs need of a nap, ay-sap. But...

On the plus side, my mom && I made spaghetti:

We use tomato sauce with a LOT of Italian seasonings and turkey sausage and ground turkey with mushrooms to make the sauce, and buy vermicelli for the spaghetti pasta (we don't like thick spaghetti pasta).

On Friday, we went out shopping and to get movies, and to get a bite of dinner, but I did not really enjoy my dinner. I would have much rather stayed home and ate more of our homemade spaghetti lol but anyway...I got a broasted seasoned chicken breast and peach cobbler ala mode, but the peaches were hard so I didn't eat 'em and the cobbler was supposed to be warm but they did a sucky job of warming it. The ice cream was yummy though.

Saturday we stayed in again and ate moar spaghetti. Then, we decided to bake lil chocolate marble-cake bundt cake things.

We made moar, but only four would fit under the cake display thing. I had a piece of one this morning, and they were SO KITTENY good. I don't even really like chocolate, but I do like marble cake. I also love eating bites of cake batter out of the bowl when no one is looking. lawlz

Today I obtained teh fundz for my visa app, so I am kind of relieved there. However, I am still worried about how I am going to get all of the other money I need...I mean, I am nawt poor by any means, but I am definitely nawt rich either.

I guess I'll just have to see what happens...

But right now, I'm gonna take a nap. G'nite lovelies.

OH! I almost forgot. I will be uploaded the pre-intro intro to "Jap Trap" sometime withing this upcoming week or this next weekend. It all just depends on when I get the time to get on youtube. In the mean time, for anyone who missed it/wishes to see it again, watch the finale of 1313:

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