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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


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Hey kittenz. I know you have all realized that I have been on a youtube hiatus lately. There are many reasons for that, my kittens, but I cannot explain all of that right now. I will, however, allow you a window into the amazing life that is the life of AtJap13. As you know, I began in late 2009 on youtube with a video I cleverly named "AtJap13's Message to Wapanese", and almost immediately became the most hated person on the site. My image has changed a great deal since that cold November day, but the general message and aura of my videos has remained the same. I am the 94 pound, annoying, controversial, opinionated, obnoxious, strange, obscure, sometimes clever, sometimes funny, occasionally aesthetically appealing but always eye catching, awkward Asian kid that talks way to much and neer seems to speak a lick of English.

I know that's what you think of me.

And I can live with that.

Because honestly, kittens, I don't give a flying hairless cat's right hind paw what you think of me. If I cared what people thought of me, I'd still be sitting in my room dressed in all black writing depressing lyrics and drawing macabre pictures, whilst imagining life in another time/place/space-time continuum. SRSLY. That is what I would have become. And I would have died old, cold, and without anyone ever knowing the amazing awesomeness of which I have grown to be. Yes, I have come a long way. I am no longer the strange quiet nerdy Asian kid I was six years ago. Now I am bright, vibrant, colorful (maybe a lil too colorful), outgoing (again, maybe in extremity), extroverted, stylish (on a good day hurr hurr), and most importantly influencial. And I do it all while wearing platforms xD

Okay, so I know that a pity party blog entry was NAWT what you were looking forward to reading, and I am sorry for putting you through that tumultuous and wordy typing diarrhea, but I guess I just did it because I felt like it.

Anyway, moving on. After all, I am the person who you usually turn to to either cheer you up or brighten your day or encourage you to go on; whether it be because you enjoy my videos/writings/music or because you find me funny and amusing or even if you merely draw sadistic pleasure from mocking me and laughing at my stupidity. Whatever feeds your puppies. Either way, I am a very happy and easy going person, and can usually be counted on to make others feel happy as well, so I will go back to being my oh-so-kitteny self. Because face it, kittehz.

You must face it.

Without crazy, wacky, cooky, idiotic, ridiculous, obscure, funny people like me, the internet would be a rather dull and monotenous thing.

Don'tcha think?

Very boring yo.

Cuz afterall, how many of you prefer colorful to monochromatic?

Well, I don't know about you, but...

I'll take a rainbow over a black hole ANY day of the week.

Just think of me as that rainbow in this black hole that is the internets.

Now with that said, I shall move on to my next thing. I have been thinking lately and I have decided that I am going to take the year off from schooling of any kind and really work on my music and my acting career. I am going to go to studios, audition for competitions, hopefully get a few moar gigs, and tryout for movie roles. Basically what I am going to do is try to put myself out there a lil moar and get moar fans. I want to get really out there; like REALLY OUT there. Kind of like how my e-friend and colleague of sorts, Alix Henriol, got featured in that magazine and was the cover girl. That's what I need. I need to be featured in a magazine or some sort of online news page etc etc in order to spread the word about my existence and my enterprise.

Afterall, the whole AtJap13 persona is moar than just me and moar than just my online identy. The whole idea means something so much greater. Overall, my own self, the entire image and the youtube channel stands for how rather than call them out and make a mockery of the differences we have, people need to embrace those differences and encourage diversity. Without diversity, we as humans would be nothing. And that, my friends, is my life goal in a nutshell. I wish to encourage acceptance of diversity and understanding of each other's uniqueness. Race, sex, sexuality, gender identity, and religion are all the things that make each of us unique and set us each apart from the next guy.

I mean, if we were not unique, what would we be???

White, heterosexual, alpha-male/alpha-female, and Protestant???

I mean,


If that's the case, we should all just be grey, asexual and agnostic.

Pffts. Once again, I am sorry for all this seriousness tonight. I guess I was just feeling in a really philosophical and New-World-Thinking mood. Which is very funny, because I am, after all, the King of the New World. I should be able to give (erm, type) speaches like this all of the time all over the place. Not just on my blog here on blogspot, but somewhere important. You know, like on a politcal forum or something. Afterall, I have always been quite fond of politics, despite my being an anarchist. The only reason I am an anarchist in the first place is because I believe that no current form of government or existed government has worked. We as a species of humans has yet to have an effective governmental system. One that is good for all groups of people. One that does not try to change us but instead encourages us to be ourselves and become who we need to become in order to be happy and not want to infringe on others.

So whaddya think, kittehz?

Should At run for a political office? lolololol

Orz. I'd do great until it was interview or press conference time. Then I'd have to just wing-it and hope for the best.


It's getting late and tomorrow I have a very important date!!! See ya~~

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