My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa




Hey kittehz.

Yesterday was meh mommy's bday so I took her out to dinner.

That's how I looked :) I have my awesome new white collar on! I love it so muchhhh



Twas also teh prom, but I did not go to that. I never even thought about going, to be honest. Proms just aren't for me. haha. I'm too un-fancy XD

My idea of "dressing up" is wearing shiny platforms and Tripp pants lol

But, I do suppose...

I could be quite handsome if I tried.


But yeah...I had no reason to do so. My best friends weren't going either, so I took my mom out to dinner and then we went shopping instead XD


More important news!

I voted for the song I wish for Takanori to feature on the UNDER:COVER 2 CD. I voted for DREAM DRUNKER lol Because I would love to hear him sing it again (@u@) its such a cool song~~

But yeah, I voted for that song, and so far, its not on the top list XD (I didn't actually expect it to be, but, yah nevar know, y'know?)

But a few other favez of mine are on there, including Burnin' X'mas, Albireo, and HEAT CAPACITY.

For anyone who purchased the recent album, CLOUD NINE, you should go to and click on the UNDER:COVER 2 box to vote for the song you want on the album (I suggest voting for DREAM DRUNKER or Untouchable Girls, but that's just me ;P)

So do it...


At said NAO!!!

Or you shall have no pie :P (Cuz At's gonna eat it all)

Well...that's that loves. g2g ttyl

Love ya! :D

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