My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


It's all OKAY!


So I had my performance. Pic is of my outfit for the show.

I didn't make it to the finals, but that's because all of us were really good. I believe I did well, but there were parts where my voice cracked due to me not having had enough sleep the night before lol But yeah. I kinda wanted to make it to the finals, but there's always next year and I know that next year I can.

However, I am going to try out for another competition, and if I make it to the semifinals in that I'll be able to perform in front of a rather large crowd this summer. (Love it)

The audition is tomorrow, and I am going to use my ol' standby tryout song, WHITE BREATH due to the fact that its rhythmic yet still fun. I never like to be a bore. If I make it to the semifinals I'll probably do HOT LIMIT, since I am not that comfortable singing in English yet.



A friend of mine told me about this awesome site, REVERBNATION so I joined it. I posted three of my "best" originals on there, and I'm hoping to meet fellow musicians and jumpstart my career a little more. These singing competitions are quite good because they allow me to meet new people and possibly obtain new opportunities.

I also joined Bandmix. I feel that if I can meet guitarists and drummers that share my musical interests, together we can form something great :)

I plan on starting playing in clubs this summer, and if all goes well, perhaps a few festivals.

So, wish me luck my kittens!!!!!!!

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