My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Getting There Slowly...


'Tis At once again.

So I found this really awesome site. I can read Men's Knuckle and Men's Egg magazine without having to purchase them :)

And now I can be a total gal-boy fashionista lolz

Today is the big show yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I practiced and rehearsed and I think I've got it. My costume for the show fits in really well too, and I shall post pics later. Which reminds me, I have a couple pics from TMR day:

My tag for Takanori!

My total ensemble :)

(Belt and shirt courtesy of the 1998 T.M.Revolution LIVE REVOLUTION KING OF JOKER tour)

So yeah, that was that.

And for today.......................

WISH ME LUCK KITTEHZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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