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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


A Sad Occurance

YO SAY. This is, once again, a somber entry. I am sorry to burden you gaiz with all my sadness, but I am certain that after I get out of this two week rut everything will be OKAY! So as you all know, yesterday was April 1st, and it fell on a Friday this year. Well, April 1st is a very sad day for me each year. You are probably now wondering why that is. Well, I shall tell you. When I was a child, after my dad left, my mom and grandma raised me. My grandma was always so kind to me and understood me. My mom, grandma and I used to go out shopping and to dinner every Friday after school, and went on little day trips and nice things like that. We all got along so well at that time, and I was happy. Then, sickness struck. We (my mom and I) thought it was influenza, due to the fact that we had gotten influenza quite badly. However, my grandma did not seem to be getting any better, and actually seemed to be getting worse. We finally decided to take her to the hospital. This is when my world came crashing down around me. She had cancer. It was too late. She died four days later on Friday, April 1st, 2005. At that moment I knew my life would change forever. My mom and I had no one. My stepdad was a total jerk. The kids at my school treated me horrendously all of the time. The hits just kept coming. By the end of that school year, my life as I had known it had shattered. That summer is the summer I changed. It took me four years before I started getting out of my rut, and becoming the person I am now. The happy, spontaneous, hyper, motor-mouthed, high tension little entity I have become. But still to this day, every year when those two weeks come, I become saddened and depressed. And this year has been especially bad considering the fact that the day has fallen on the exact same day as that year. So, that is why I have lately been kind of "under the weather" so to speak. My whole family is either dead or wants nothing to do with me ); So, kittens, I really hope your lives are going uber kitteny and you are all having a nice spring! I love you!

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