My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


OH NOEZ! It drawz to a CLOZE!!!


Well, I'm sorry I was unable to make a post yesterday, but here I am, correcting my mistake lol and I am letting you into the wonderful world of At once again.


We colored eggs for Easter. I hate eggs, but I like coloring them (:


I also made a new video on youtube. I'll be posting it on my blog shortly due to the fact that I believe it to be really supah kitteny yo. I'm also working on some other video projects, since the life of AtJap13's [At's 1313] is drawing to a close as I approach graduation. Although I am ending [At's 1313], I will NAWT be ending the vidz. After my final episode of 1313, I am going to reinvent my channel and make a new show, called "JapTrap" and post newer, more interactive videos documenting more interesting stuff, including having dance vids and what not. In time, I shall become moar popular lol...hopefully. XD

That's all for now, but...

Later on I will have moar news about teh new show.

Wait for it.


So, yeah, that's about it. Gotta go feed 12 and a half hungry cheetahs!!!

See ya =)

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