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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


I'm Japanesey

YO SAY! Hey kittenz. Yesterday wuz an eventful day for me yo. I bleached my hair again, and I am so pumped. I ttly love it! Here's a pic of me without any makeup on, and no teasing/styling of meh harrz. Waaa--- I almost look masculine. :) Personally, I think my eyes look really bright here. But my brows seem crooked XD I guess that's what I get for always teasing about Yumi Yoshimura's crooked eyes and/or eyebrows. Now I have them. Haha. Or maybe its just an Asian thing. Our brows are crooked. LOL JKJK So, anywayz. Back to teh hair. Here I am with the dye on. I look like I'm wearing a bib XD (Don't laugh peepz, I didn't wanna ruin my blue shirt that is on underneath the white one) I look funnyyy HAHA TAH DAH!!! I think it turned out rather lovely :) I kinda look like a ginger now though XD An Asian ginger kid. lololololol So much for oxymorons HAHA Now, I really look interesting though. And, another plus side, no more black roots!!! Yatta!!! lol Other than bleaching and dyeing my hair, I also made a homestyle Japanese meal. It was a toriniku tempura of sorts, and it was so good!!! I also made glass noodles. GLASS NOODLE FINISHED PRODUCT! I thought it turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. Oh! Its funny. Yesterday when we were eating, I was using chopsticks and trying to teach my mom how to eat with them, but she just couldn't do it. So I started laughing and I instantly thought of Utada's song "Easy Breezy" and the line "And I'm Japanesey", so I said to her: You're not like Utada Hikaru. And she said: Huh? And I replied: Cuz you're not Japanesey! Hahahahahaha Epic, eh? Anyway, today I am going to make another dish with the leftovers, and I'll write about it when that time comes! Look for it gaiz!! Its gonna be kittenyyy LOVE YA!!!

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