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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa




Hey kittenz, 'tis At.

I have some great news.

You ready for it???


Are. You. READY!?!?!?

I applied to college, and my application was sent out officially on April 16 (April 15 in America) and I will have the verdict on May 6 (May 5 in America). I am so excited that I cannot even sit still!!! I only have to wait 17 moar dayz until I know if I'm accepted...yay!

It really looks like I am going to get in, due to the fact that I am quite the smart lil cookie and I am an excellent writer (for da essay) and my test scores are really high. Wish me luck gaiz!

On Saturday I made double turkey burgers. They were kitteny good dude.

Another bit of information is that I tried out for a singing compitition. In the audition I sang WHITE BREATH by T.M.Revolution. The judges really like it and I advanced to the semifinals!!! Yay At!!! I am so pumped about that as well yo.

No, I have to decide what to sing for the semifinals. I am thinking something along the lines of Abingdon Boys School Down to You or PUFFY True Asia. Both of which I can do a lil Japanese mixed with the English and make myself unique and what not.

Last little bit of information I have is that I cut my hair. Now, I truly have my TMR-style the force era 'do:

Waaaaaa~~~ Methinks At is in love with himselvez ye ye



Me so AWESOME!!!

Well, gotta go now, kittehz. Check me out: and for Japanese blog go to: (updated almost daily right now due to countdown yo)

At loves you.

Or maybe nawt.

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