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Hello my blogging friends and foes.

This is your Jap Trap, AtJap13, on a more somber note.

Japan has been struck by an 8.9 earthquake on Friday, March 11 and is still experiencing many aftershocks, one after another. Also, the earthquake has caused multiple tsunamis, and now other locations such as Hawai'i are in danger of facing tsunami.


As if all that wasn't bad enough, there is the danger of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima leaking or being damaged in some way. This would cause mass destruction and death due to the fact that, as most of us know, nuclear waste is very hazardous to our health and the environment.

I am very concerned...

I really hope everything gets better and not too many more people get hurt!

And, my heart goes out to the families who did lose loved ones due to the quake, tsunami, or aftershocks.

If you want to know more about this, you can go to or check out NHKWorld.

Now that the depressing news is over, I shall move on to news of a lighter kind.

I have finally, with lots of liquids, soup, and cough drops, defeated my epic feat of flus! Yes, it is true, I had two flu viruses, with two colds sandwiched in the middle. HAHA It really sucks to be a tiny little thing like me, huh? LOL

But yeah...I'm healthy once again...

Or so I thought.

My braces got tightened, and I have a new wire on the top, so my mouth is ridiculously sore right now and has gotten me once again down in the dumps. Waaaaaaaaaa~!

However, I shall survive!


I'm still adorably hyper.

Also, last Saturday I went to a dance, and I looked pretty epically awesome if I do say so myself.

Anyway, that is that. The dance was boring, and I was just glad to return home. HAHA

I've been working on my drawing again lately, as well as retyping my novella, Yako:Inter and editing it for errors. Hopefully I can publish it online soon...

Well, take care everybody!



P.S. Take care Takanori! I love you and hope you stay safe!

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