My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa



Heyyy kittens.


At here.

I know yesterday's post was rather on the down side, so today I figured I would step it up a lil and post the bright side of my life :D

I finished retyping my novella Yako, Inter and have published it on Amazon through Kindle books, and also I am publishing it for realz soon. I've got it all set up and I'll have the prototype book in two weeks or so. Yaaaaay

I am so happy about that!

Waaaaaaaaaa AtJap13 is the next best thing!!!





Haha. I amuse me.

Also, I have other news. I am going to be graduating soonnn~~ So pumped. Right now I'z on spring break && just chillin, but next week I go back to school :( however I'm really happy about it cuz that means only TWO MONTHS LEFT!

Yeah baby only two more months and then I'll be a high school graduate!!! LOLOLOLOL I'm kinda bummed cuz I got #11 on my class rank, which means no Top 10 but oh well :/ What can I do about it, right? Haha. I'm still the most kitteny thing since gluten-free bread.




Other than that, I don't really have much to say. Oh! I'll be busy next week so don't expect to see me online as much. XD I've been on waaaaaaay too much lately and really need some down time AWAY from all this. Haha.

I'll still be on twitter via keitai so you can catch me tharrr all you kitteny peepzzz

Ooh! I'm so pumped for morning 'cuz I found this bread; its like coffee cake bread with chocolate chips and goody stuffz and what not so I'm really looking forward to morning!

Wow. I am so freaking strange.

But I like it like that!

That's just the way I am ;P

I'll be updating tomorrow and on the weekend too cuz meh life is being ttly eventful right now. Amirite???

Huh gaiz???

Am I ?!?!?!?!

You bettar agree with me cuz...

You ready for it?


Are you???

Here it is..........

a one,

a two,

a one two three four!

In case you didn't already know,

I'm going to take over the world some day.

And King At will be in charge of all of you, and only my most kitteny peepz will be considered fellow peepz of the New World.

Just warning you.


I'm not nearly mean enough to conquer the world...

Or am I?


I kid, I kid.

But anyway, you still need to eat your vegetables.

Stay kitteny!!!

At loves you~~~

Or not ;3

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