My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Yo say kittens!

Tis At ah-gain.

I know youz prolly all wondering why I haven't been writing much about meh life lately. Well harrz meh answer.

Even though you ttly don't deserve one.


But fo realz, here's the reason.

I've had a great deal of things to do lately, so I was unable to write about my Xmas, New Year, and wuteva else. But now that I am going to be having less to do once again, I shall take this opportunity to fill in the blanks of my life.

For Christmas Eve I went to my Aunt's hawse && ate a bag of tater chips, a bowl of chicken salad, and oodles of noodles of cookies. It was really yummy. Like SRSLY.

On Christmas Day I ate some pie for breakfast (so the day was off to a great start dude) && had an awesomely kitteny dinner. For prezzies I got several gift cards, a TMR hoodie, new platform shoes (5 inches), candy, cards, a clipboard-calculator thing, clothing, and several other lil things. Oh and I gots meh TMR 2011 calendar.

But dude I'm so freaking pumped.

I bought a bunch of CDs with my gift card. I bought Asakura Daisuke's Electromancer, TM Network's A Gift for Fanks, Skye Sweetnam's Noise From the Basement, and T.M.Revolution DISCORDANZA Try My Remix~Singles Collection~.

I <3 Daisuke :D

Yeah so that tharr wuz meh Xmas.

Now for New Year.

Yeah I didn't really do anything to ring in the new year. I ate some soba and watched the TV program, but that's about all. Haha.

So, uh, yeah.

Don't really know what else to say right now. Haha.

I've only got one moar semester of school left, then I'm all finished with high school! I then get to move on to the next step in my life!! Dude I'm so happy~!!!


So yeah.

Tharr ya go.

Daz about all yo.


Did ya hear about the western zodiacs?

They all switched so now I ain't a Virgo anymoar. D;

Oh man I really hope they ain't SRSLY serious due to the fact that I've been a Virgo my entire life. Gyaaaa the world is going crazy.

And all the birds && fish are dying.

Yeah, falling out of teh sky deader than a bunch of door nails.

What the free kitten is up with THAT?!?!?!

Oh my kittens, this place is a mess.


The earth is a mess.

So you can kiss it all GOOD BYE!!!

And g'nite.


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