My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Jungle!!! XD



It's your favortie Jap Trap........AtJap13!!!!

Okay, so I really do nawt know what to say.



OK, so maybe I do.

Or nawt.

One thing is for certain, though.

This is gonna be one lame blog.

So I didn't even give it a wicked awesome title like I usually do.

So let's see....

What news does At have?


I got a new computer!!!!

And I'm getting a new printer/scanner/fax thing.


I am bleaching my hair!!! So that I can dye it that gorgeous dark-copper-blonde that Takanori has on the cover of the "the force" CD, like this:

He is so beautiful.

I am also working on cutting my hair exactly like that. And I already cut the front. Yay me. I will look awesome. My only concern is the fact that my skin is a little darker than his...and I don't wanna end up lookin like a ganguro gone wrong.

Just like I do everyday!

Cuz meh eyeliner makes me look that way, like, ttly.

And my face looks SRSLY anorexic, right? So maybe the short hair will actually make me look healthy. Cuz I'm so ttly nawt.

So yeah.........................................................

I am bored.

And kind of craving sweet potatoes.


I had mashed potatoes && turkey gravy for dinnerrr.


And I ate toast for breakfast.


Why am I telling you peeps wut I ate today??? I also went to get a bracket put back on...eek! My braces are falling off XD. Nah...a bracket popped off && then I had to get it back on && then my mouth wuz sore so I had to eat soft food :)


School resumes on 2010.08.30!!!!


I hate school.

It makes me actually have to DO something other than be AtJap13 and the performer At!. Also, most of my friends are graduated. So that leaves Alana && I pretty much alone. But don't get me wrong. I actually DO enjoy going to school. I mean, I DO have perfect attendance.

For 4 years in a row!!!

I'm workin on my 5th, kittenz!

I mean, I don't even REMEMBER wut it wuz like to be absent from school. I haven't missed a day willingly since, like, the 6th grade (when I missed 50 dayz for reasons that I shall nawt disclose).

So yeah...

that's life.

For me, at least.


Ain't I just the best thing evar?






You care to disagree?

Beg to differ??

Object to my ruling???

Well then that's just too bad.

Tough tootie said the cootie.



So I'm nawt the BEST thing.

Just second best.

Cuz my man Takanori Nishikawa is the BEST.


so >P

put that in your pipe && smoke it.

oh yeah.

I went tharrr.


Well, I gotta go pick rice! See ya!!!

Love ya, kittenz!!!

Stay kitteny!!!



At!~desolation MP3 PURCHASES!!!


It's At!

And you're on my special blog specially made by ME for YOU to purchase my debut album, ~desolation, from 2008, or songs from the album!!! You can also purchase MP3s from songs earlier than the single "LIKE THAT" right here!!!

So here's how it will work:

email me: (set the subject to "MP3")

tell me the title of the song you want and your paypal email.

My paypal email is

After I confirm the purchase, send me the amount of money for the MP3.

Each MP3 only costs 0.99 USD!!! That's only 84.6 JPY!!!

After receiving payment, I will send you MP3 and receipt.

Remember, if you want any song including LIKE THAT and later, you can just purchase them from iTunes. Just search "At! CROSSING THE LINE". Unless, of course, you want the single version of Kimi ga Hoshii or the English versions of Falling Up and Boku wo Wasurenate.

However, you may want to just wait on those two, due to the fact that I am planning on making an English compilation album in the near future, with studio English versions of Desolation, Existential, My Transcending, !ndescribable, At T!me, Falling Up, Forget Me Never (Boku wo Wasurenate), Lost Control, Alone, Twistendly Normal, I Miss You Today, and DownSide Out.

Also, I'm workin on a new song, kittenz!

&& its gonna be great!

oh by the way since you're here you should check this out && buy some of my shiz yo:


Really old pic, from when I was 14, but I really like it && just found it!!!


Cuz I'm TTLY like Emiry.


You know you love me.



And I love you!!!!

Okay, so you may or may nawt have noticed some changes in my websites and/or blogs and/or YouTube pages. So...

If you DID,


You deserve a STICKER!

But I don't have any D:


So, instead, just pat yourself on your back.

Unless its hairy. Then just smile and clap 3 taimz.

And if you did NAWT...

Shamey on you!!!

You deserve to go to bed without supper.

But since I'm nawt in your house (thank goodness!), just go about your supperly wayz (and EAT! [nawt that you need to] eat a lot!) and go to bed.


So yeah, I made some changez. Like ttly awesome, huh? Haha...

So harrz them tharr cheingez:

1) Deleted SOME vidz on AtJap13 && modified the channel in general. You know, I just messed with the titles of the vidz. Example: Changed "MagicalPockyUsagi: You are ***NOT*** Japanese" to "AtJap13 Loves MagicalPockyUsagi".

Why did I do this? You ask. Well.....for MOAR irony haha!!!

2) I deleted my English Youtube channel.

Why did I do that? You ask. was driving me BONKERZ.

3) I deleted my music Myspace, my AsianAve, and my Japanese blogspot blog.

Why did I do that? You ask. Well.......cuz they were ttly uncalled for. And lacked general purpose.

4) I deleted some othar thingz that you troll do NAWT need to know about.

Why did I do that? Oh, IDK, ask "Zibeoh". Haha! Now can't find me -sticks out tongue- >P

5) I am ceasing to exist on the internetz for a while beginning August 30. I gawtz to get all A's beibei.

Why? You wonder. BECAWSE I'M AZN. DUH. Just kidding. But I do like to do well in school.


Now that THAT is out of the way and all of your questions are answered, I must run along.

Okay, so nawt ALL of them.

But most, right?



Becawse after all, what I choose nawt to tell you is...

my business.

And I will only tell you gaiz wut I feel you should know.

Nothing else.


So you needn't worry your pretty little heads about it.

Ok, so nawt "pretty"

but nawt "ugly".



Cuz only At can be pretty.




My besties are pretty too!!!

But ONLY us.

Face it. We. Are. GORGEOUS.



Or am I? ;P

Alright, gotta go watch a movie about a chick that gives birth to snakes! Like over 9000!!! Hahahahahahahaaa

See ya!


I'm in summer mode, so let's go!

YO SAY I'M AT && I'M 97% UNUSUAL 98% oF THE TIME!!!!!!!!!

It's true;

I'm nawt alwayz weird.

Like, I go to sleep just like everyone else.

And I walk.

And I talk.

And now I'm beginning to sound like I'm writing a "for sale" add for myself.


That's funny.

Now I wanna write a for sale add for myself.

Here goes:::::

AtJap13 in his natural habitat.

Item: AtJap13

Characteristics: Can speak, sleep, walk, and be weird

Aesthetics: Tiny, awkward, and unconventional

Abilities: singing, eating, drawing

Unique features: obsessive, obnoxious, white-washed, and a noot!

Also known for small creepy eyes, creepy skin, and and white-out for eyeliner!!

P.S. Yup, he's a keeper.


I amuse me.

I am so awesome, cuz I can make fun of myself and laugh about it.


Send THAT "wanted/for sale" add to YOUR ex-gf, bf, wife, husband, or dying kangaroo and see wut they have to say!!!


It's gonna be soooo kitteny!

Next thing, kittenz!

As I'm sure MOST of you gaiz ALREADY know...

At has a job!!!

Itz true baby. I have a job for the first time in my life. Other than being a Youtube personality and a rising Japanoise singer, I am an online survey taker!!!! And I earned $20 my first day, and I just earned $15 MOAR. And I haven't had to leave my dining room, kittenz. I love this. MOAR people have also bought my CD, and I now have 82 subscribers on Youtube!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo close to having 100 subscribers. And when I do......

There will be a special surprise!

And I am almost to the 100th episode of At's 1313!

And there will be a special surprise for that as well!!!!

Andddd it has almost been a full year since I transformed into the partly white-washed Asian, partly weeaboo, but all genuine AtJap13 and made my obnoxious debut on Youtube. The channel was very unknown about at first, and then I managed to spark a lil--a LOT--of controversy.



I guess people though I was being ttly srsly serious when I acted like I was bothered by weeaboos and thought I wuz the total shiz.

Well, sorry to disappoint you gaiz,


truth is...................

I don't give a flying kitten's broken left ear about it.

They can pretend and be whatever thir little hearts desire.

And as far as me be ttly awesome...

All I have to say is.......


I'm just a small town Hapa will a big music dream.

Who just so happenz to have become an internet sensation.

And to the chicklets on the "Zibeoh" livejournal page,

Thanx gaiz. I appreciate it.


You made me who I am today. And I will nevar forget you. Like, evar.

See how nice I am? Anddddd I'm also ah-dorable.


I can hardly wait for Alana to come over to my house. She is the best. And we can both obsess over Takanori (and Daisuke--we luv u<3)>
She's ah-mazing. Me, nawt so much.

Alana, you're the best. EVAR. End of story.


I must go D:



Don't worry gaiz, I'll be back soon!

But right now...I gotta go do 200 pushups! See ya!!!




Just becawse you're from CAT WORLD doesn't mean you're a CAT

Itz a Takanori doll!

Yo say I'm At && apparantly I have small eyes and look like I'm a meth addict!!!


Really. Someone said that about me. Can't say who, but they did.

Okay, so some random Youtube chicklet said the small eyes part, but someone else said the meth addict part. Yeah, funny. I've also been called anorexic, bulemic, and a freak; I've been TOLD that my eyeliner looks like white-out, my hair looks messy, my teeth stick out, and I look Filipino, CHINESE, Indian, Mongolian, and even Brazilian.

Those are lulzy, now aren't they?


The moment you've ALL been waiting for has arrived...

Are you ready for it?

Are you sure?


My answers to the above insults are here. And they are as follows. (You may need to bookmark this, GAIZ. No, SRSLY.)

Last time I checked, my eyes were kinda big. I mean, ESPECIALLY for an East Asian. They are like...huge.

And as far as the meth-addict-lookalike thing...


I guess the dark circles under my eyez? Those are from my lack of sleep or my chronic migrainz. I think. Actually, those are just kinda tharrr.

Okie dokie smokie.

Time for anorexic/bulemic/freak accusation.


And as far as being a freak goes...

Dictionary dot com defines "freak" as...

–noun 1. any abnormal phenomenon or product or unusual object; anomaly; aberration. 2. a person or animal on exhibition as an example of a strange deviation from nature; monster. 3. a sudden and apparently causeless change or turn of events, the mind, etc.; an apparently capricious notion, occurrence, etc.: That kind of sudden storm is a freak. 4. Numismatics . an imperfect coin, undetected at the mint and put into circulation. 5. Philately . a stamp differing from others of the same printing because of creases, dirty engraving plates, etc. Compare error ( def. 8 ) , variety ( def. 8 ) . 6. Slang . a. a person who has withdrawn from normal, rational behavior and activities to pursue one interest or obsession: a drug freak. b. a devoted fan or follower; enthusiast: a baseball freak. c. a hippie. 7. Archaic . capriciousness; whimsicality.

Okay. So there is legitimacy to THAT one. Yeah, I'm an anomaly. Yeah, I'm strange. Yeah, I'm withdrawn from the norm. And YES I have a particular interest (I don't call it an obsession becawse its a NORMAL liking), but who are YOU to judge ME?

Really, gaiz.

Am I the spokesman for human society and typical homo sapien behavior?

Then WHY do you expect me to be "NORMAL"???

So I'm a freak?



All righty then.

Now that THAT's settled...

on to bigger && BETTAR things.

My eyeliner is white. White-out is white. So there has GOT to be SUM resemblance. DUH. And, to be PURRfectly hawnest...

I agree with you, kittens.

My eyemake does, in fact, look like white-out.

Now for my hair.

So wut if it looks messy. I film my vidz in the nighttimez, && since I tease meh hair in the daytimez, it has fallen by the nighttimez. Therefore, it looks messy. But itz nawt.

Nawt really, anyway.

And as for my teeths...

at least thurr bettar than Magibon's. HAHA.

&& me gawtz braces so its ALL OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for the BIG SHOW!!!


Yes, kittenz.


Ya say I look Filipino, ya say I look Indian, ya say I look Chinese, ya say I look Mongolian, AND ya say I look Brazilian (LOL WUT?)

All I have to say is...

maybe so.

Lots of people look certain wayz && wut nawt. I mean, I know a girl that lookz Chinese but she's really nawt. She's some kind of Latina.

Wutz moar ah-mazing is this LJ pagey I found where all these GURLZ are talking smack about me && saying I'm nawt Japanese or wutevar. Anddd I get multiple commentz on the internetz telling me...

are you ready for this gaiz?

that I'm Filipino.

Thazz all fine && dandy but would they know MY ethnicity bettar than I do? I mean, I am ME. NAWT them. I have been At Dye-Tashima since, well, since conception.

And they........

have nawt been.

So being a hapa of the Japanese/European sort is really tough. I mean, why even say it if no one is going to believe me. I should just be all "Yeah I'm At && I'm a hapa && I look Filipino so lets just go with THAT!"

Cuz I'm ttly Filipino............


My dad was a second generation Japanese. I mean, he could have had SUM Filipino in him, so I won't deny it completely. But...wutevar.

And some people even say I look COMPLETELY European. Yeah. Becawse all Caucasians have super straight black hair, high cheekbones, and an epicanthus. TTLY.

So I should just deny my Asian-ness and say I'm White, right?

Since, after all, WHITE is RIGHT, right?

But then they would call me a banana Asian weirdo that wants to be White.


So I'm coining this from now on:

"I'm At && I'm a human being!!!"

Due to the fact that really, I think race && ethnicity are pretty absurd descriptions.

Just like gender.

Yet another way for (straight) WHITE MAN to rag on others.

Race, ethnicity, and sex are all things of which we cannot control, yet THOSE are the things we are judged most on. Yeah, weight && age fall somewhere in thar, but those three are the biggies. Being a hapa noot, I fall at the BAWTTOM of the social food chain, but...

who really cares?

I am just as good as evrybuddy else.

Why judge sumone on things of which are so superficial and unchangable? Okay, so sex is changable, but the other two are NAWT.

And wut about the cases where sumone DOESN'T look EXACTLY like the STEREOTYPES associated with a particular race or sex?


You don't know, do you?

Well, At shall tell you.

Becawse At is nice.

The answer is..........................(drumroll)



And a whole truckload of it at that.

Okay so WUT is my POINT?

Here it is.

As a little child I looked really Asian.

I mean, REALLY Asian.

And I lived in a predominately WHITE community, attended a WHITE PROTESTANT school, and had a WHITE mom and a LATINO stepfather.

And I really got the heat for that. I wuz made fun of for being Asian...but nawt called out on being Japanese. Instead I was called the oh-so-worn out phrase "Chink". Oh, and I was also called a cat (oh I wonder why. Its the BIG slanted eyes. DUH). ANDDD they even went so far as to pull their eyes out in that oh-so-familiar-even-Miley-Cyrus-did-it way.

It wasn't until HIGH SCHOOL that I was treated just like evrybuddy else. A normal AMERICAN teenager.

And to make it MOAR LULZY,

that wuz when I came to terms with the whole Asian thing myself.

And I actually became "proud" to be Asian.

And now these e-moronz act like I'm lying. Nice. Real mature gaiz.



I only spent like, wut, FOURTEEN YEARS trying to deny it only to FINALLY accept it and now you don't believe me???


Yeah, people believe I'm from another DIMENSION but they can't believe I'm half Japanese.

They say I'm Filipino.

All I gotta say is this..............




I'm a human being.


But a homo sapien nonetheless.


Ur face is a mess.

Indeed, my face IS a mess.

And so is UR MOM.

Hahahahaha so randommmmmmmm


Had 2 lighten the mood, kittenz.

This post is like, so TTLY SRSLY SERIOUS.


And now I want sweet potatoezzzz. Sweet potatuhz sweet potatuhz have teh have the sweet PUHTATUHZZZZZZZ.


GAHHHHHHHHH me is tireddddddd.

So nite nite.

Sleep tight.

Don't let the crazy lemon loving bed bugs bite.



(yeah, I went THARR)


Tasty~~ X3

YO SAY I'm At && I can run into windows when they are really clean!!!


I really did. One time in 8th my mom had cleaned the patio door (so they were really shiny) and she didn't tell me so I ran right into the glass. I hit so hard that the print from my cheekbones, nose, AND forehead showed up. Haha I am a total && complete idiot. I also nearly ate a decorative rock, but it kinda hurt my tooth. Otherwise, I woulda been able to say that I ate a rock in the eighth grade cuz I thought it was candy.


I am the best thing evar.

Well, I have eaten some pretty weird things...

pencil graphite, rubber cement, cat treats, chocolate scented erasers, metalic paint, some dirt, a gnat, paper, other paint...etc etc.

Yeah I have a stomach made of steal XD

Maybe that's why I'm so tiny???

But I wasn't tiny then. I was stocky and compact. Like, 5 feet of muscle and...well...compactness. I somehow fit 120 pounds into my itty bitty frame and still looked pretty much the same!

Just more, well....................


Then I turned 15 and got really skinny. And I grew a few inches. And started working out. And got really strong. And now...

I look awesome.

The weird thing is, I've had pretty much every body shape there is.

I was chubby as a little kid, scrawny and geeky as a preteen, stocky as a young adolescent, and now just really thin yet really fit.

But alwayz short.

Until I found platform shoes!!!

My shoes are, like, 4 inches. And I got 6 inch platform shiny shoes coming in the mail. So kitteny~


Enough of that...

Back to free write!!!!!

I love free write. Cuz it allows me to, well, you know...

write FREELY.

Whatever I want.

Like how I think Takanori was absolutely adorable back in 1990 when he was in the band Luis-Mary. Or how I think Daisuke Asakura is the most talented musician that evar lived. Or even how I think Yumi Yoshimura is a shallow ditz that happens to oddly resemble me.

Great, huh?

Now you can read my thoughts practically. So all of you guys that HATE me...or LOVE me...can know what I'm thinking.


But, do you wanna know something?

You know, like, a SECRET?

Here goes...............................................................





Shocking, huh?

Well, its true. As much as I would LOVE to sit here and type lies about how I am the most interesting person evar...

I simply can't.



You ask.


That is all it would be...lies. I am not that interesting. Most of my thoughts are LYRICS. Whether they be TMR, TMN, PUFFY, or At!, the lyrics still take up like 99.91467921364172936129% of my daily thoughts. Okay, maybe not THAT much.

More like 75.6143126481267%

The other 24.1641721836413% (give or take a few decimal places, haha. Too lazy to do math.)

is about how BEAUTIFUL I think Takanori is, or how much I LOVE my new hairstyle, or what I want to eat.

Sometimes I also think about my friends, my family, my cat, etc etc...

But one thing I never think about is...

I repeat.


Is what you guys think of me. I really don't care if you like me, dislike me, love me, hate me, think I'm nice or mean or think I'm a freak or WUTEVAR.

Cuz when it gets down to it, all that matters it WUT I THINK.

Nawt you.

Nawt your mom.

Nawt your uncle's cousin.

And nawt even your great great great great great grandma's dead dog.

Just me.


And that, my friend, is


And besides, I love you all anyway. But right now, I gotta go hang upside down. Tootles.

(yeah, I'm LIKE THAT)



dat derz meh only phoneeee

A bunch of manbas! In orange T-shirts!

YO SAY I'M AT && I'M 100% ORGANIC!!!

Yeah yeah yeah wut now???

Haha itz At && this is my very first (yes! the VERY first!) all-English all-the-time blog!!!

Cool, huh?


I am so freakin weird yeah

This is weirder than my stupid webshow

I have no idea what I am writing about

I'm just kinda doing a free-write sorta thing

You know, writing (or in this case, typing) everything that comes to mind

As it comes to mind

Wow Takanori Nishikawa is a beautiful man

Sometimes I look like him

Other times I wish I did


Sometimes I wanna bleach my hair

Sometimes I wanna dye it NEON ORANGE.

But NEITHER would look good on me at all, I mean, my skin is too...idk...


Like it can't decide if it wants to be Asian or Caucasian.

And my hair is soooooooooooooo straight haha but I like it like that cuz it looks good on me haha

I don't even have to straighten it.

So you are probably wondering why I titled my blog "Daisuke Says It's Okay" well...there is a simple explanation for that. I was listening to HOT LIMIT while I made it and saw "Title" and just typed the translated lyrics XDDD and the link to this blog is just another randomly awesomely OH SO KITTENY thing I thought of. I kinda like this, the free-write thing, I mean. Cuz you know my mind is soooooo random haha I just thought of flying chickens.

Wouldn't that be the funniest thing EVAR??

The chickens, I mean.


At is HUNGRY. I weigh so little yet I eat so much. WHY??? Cuz me gots awesomeness XD nah IDK why I just is tiny but I workout EVERY DAY. I can bench like 100 pounds but I only weigh like 90!!! haha I am so weird. I love being weird. my hair is purpleeeeee yaaaaaaay which totally looks ==awkward== with my white eyeliner && shadow, but who cares? I like it.


I got new shoes. They are 6 inch platforms!!! Just like the ones Takanori wears in the HOT LIMIT PV!!! SO KITTENY... Anddd I got pleather pants, a choker (just like Taka's, thank you very much) and a buncha other things.

I am working on dying my hair the color of Taka's in the SUMMARIZE 4 DVD, but I is afraiddd cuz wut if they DO IT WRONG??? Then I'll look like some bleach headed white washed AZN

OH NOES!!! Teh IRONY!!!!

I am writing a new songgg && it is VERY different from ANYTHING i've evar written cuz I took advice!! From a chick I talked to!! But you'll have to waitttt Cuz FIRST && FORMOST I got a demo to send out :D && I let you all listen IF you PROMISE to be...






makes you happy. hahahahahaha yeah just be honest, kittens. Cuz you know I love you anyway. Cuz right now At's got the best life evar. I am nearly legal, nearly graduated, nearly found him, && nearly FAMOUS!!! Oh && me gots me birthname backkkk YAAAAAAAY

Three claps for AT!




Ooh those commercials for food are so yummyyy they make me hungryyy and i'm rhymin from meh tummyyy and this is so funnyyy

cool, huh?

well, gotta go bathe my cat! SEE YA!