My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa



Yo say.

It's At.

Okay so life really sucks right now, so I am going to make it all better by doing what I do best...

Writing lyrics!!

And focusing a great deal on my music rather than my personal life,

Which is in shambles at this very moment.

So, my people and I have come up with my song list for my next full length album, which will be released sometime next summer. I already have finished writing the lyrics and music to most of the songs for the album. Might I warn you, if you thought "CROSSING THE LINE" was strange, you are really going to be rather disturbed by my next release. But, that is okay! Becawse it is going to be ttly awesome. Many of the songs have a very electronic, almost techno vibe. There are only two slow songs on the entire album, unlike the last one which was pretty much half and the first one which only had two upbeat songs.

Well, the song list (so far) is as follows:

2. ブリッジに上が二人
3. Locked in the Closet
4. ムズムズ物
6. 東京
7. Never Knew
8. 友達の為に
9. Yezla (イェッスラ)
11. タックシックラバー
12. XGF ~エックスギャルフレンド~
13. ニュークリヤー(Version日本語で)


I also have a new single coming out in January, which is the first track on the album. The single is "Nuclear" but written 「ニュークリヤー」on the cover. It has the English main track and of course the Japanese track, which is the last song on the album.

The name of the album is RADIOACTIVE DATING, and the title is a play on words that goes with my new look for the album.

Lastly, this will be my very first studio recorded album.


IT'S GONNA BE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Until next time,

Stay KITTENY!!!!!

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  1. Het at, i recently stumbled against some page on this website called Encyclopedia Dramatica, and it really pissed me off! It was about you and they said all sorts of stuff about you!
    I jsut wanted to say and tell how to get there,to see for yourself!
    1. Go to Atjap13
    3. Read what those fucktards wrote