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"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa




Hey kittenz!!

It's your favorite Jap Trap here, with the latest news about his life!

Are you ready for it???

Okayyyyyyy thennnnn.............

Ah 5, ah 4,

A 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1...

So you all know that last week I had something going on. Well, I went and got my senior pictures taken. And to my surprise gaiz, I don't look ugly at awl. In fact, I actually look kinda attractive. Or at least semiworth your looking. So I'm pretty pumped about that gaiz. To be purrrfectly hawnest.

This week is the last week of October!

Oh my kittenz, where did it go?!?!

Anddd Sunday is Halloween, my second favorite holiday.

You are probably wondering why.

Well...I'll tell you.

Halloween is the one time in a year in which one can dress up however they choose and nawt be made fun of for doing so. Like, if a chick wants to dress trampy, she can. And if At wants to dress supaa dupaa weird, he can. And nobody gives a flying kitten's left ear about it. So tharr ya go. That is meh reason.

I even decorated meh house:

Now you probably want to know what my first favorite holiday is.

You want to know because you are nosey little poops.



You'll just have to wait until that holiday arrive to obtain that tidbit of At info.


I am just too dang mean.



Okay okay so what do I talk about next?


I seem to have gotten some chicklets fired up over my "Koreaboo" blogpost.



Here's At, doing what At does best.

Angering people.

But no, I have once again changed my mind.

I shall nawt go to South Korea...

At least nawt right after graduating.

Maybe I shall finish 'er up right here in America,


go to Asia.

To begin/continue (whichever floats ur boat) my career.

Ah yes.

Perhaps THAT tharr is the answer.

Why is there a "w" in the word "answer" anyway??? Is that just to completely confuzzle peeps like me? Its pronounced AN-serrrr! Nawt ans-WERRR. Stupid English morons. They were probably drunk when they wrote down the freaking language.

Then ahgain...

Aren't they ALL drunk...

ALL the time???



I love evrrrbuddyyy.


I do.

Some moar than otherz,

but I hate no one.

Or do I?

Anywho there is one person I love moar than anyone one, and we had an issue last week-dayz && -end. But we got it awl straightened out and I am so happy.

I do not know what I would do without them.

I really don't.

So this here bloggy posty may be da last one for October. So yeah....


For Halloween this year I am going to dress steampunk/cyber/rave style. Nawt becuzz I wanna be like anyone or becuzz I am a fake, you stupid weeaboos. (Just kidding, love you all ^^)

But becawse last year I dressed yamanba/ganguro/manba and won my school's costume contest and loved the X-treme hair, clothes, and makeup differences from myself on normal dayz. Also, I liked trying something new && had no idea NO IDEA how to top that one.


I thought Cyber was X-treme.

And different from normal At.

AND able to top last year.

So, I bought all my stuff && am all ready to go!!!

KK, gotta go buy a hairless cat, SEE YA!!!


P.S. Check out for the latest video!!!

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