My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Tasty~~ X3

YO SAY I'm At && I can run into windows when they are really clean!!!


I really did. One time in 8th my mom had cleaned the patio door (so they were really shiny) and she didn't tell me so I ran right into the glass. I hit so hard that the print from my cheekbones, nose, AND forehead showed up. Haha I am a total && complete idiot. I also nearly ate a decorative rock, but it kinda hurt my tooth. Otherwise, I woulda been able to say that I ate a rock in the eighth grade cuz I thought it was candy.


I am the best thing evar.

Well, I have eaten some pretty weird things...

pencil graphite, rubber cement, cat treats, chocolate scented erasers, metalic paint, some dirt, a gnat, paper, other paint...etc etc.

Yeah I have a stomach made of steal XD

Maybe that's why I'm so tiny???

But I wasn't tiny then. I was stocky and compact. Like, 5 feet of muscle and...well...compactness. I somehow fit 120 pounds into my itty bitty frame and still looked pretty much the same!

Just more, well....................


Then I turned 15 and got really skinny. And I grew a few inches. And started working out. And got really strong. And now...

I look awesome.

The weird thing is, I've had pretty much every body shape there is.

I was chubby as a little kid, scrawny and geeky as a preteen, stocky as a young adolescent, and now just really thin yet really fit.

But alwayz short.

Until I found platform shoes!!!

My shoes are, like, 4 inches. And I got 6 inch platform shiny shoes coming in the mail. So kitteny~


Enough of that...

Back to free write!!!!!

I love free write. Cuz it allows me to, well, you know...

write FREELY.

Whatever I want.

Like how I think Takanori was absolutely adorable back in 1990 when he was in the band Luis-Mary. Or how I think Daisuke Asakura is the most talented musician that evar lived. Or even how I think Yumi Yoshimura is a shallow ditz that happens to oddly resemble me.

Great, huh?

Now you can read my thoughts practically. So all of you guys that HATE me...or LOVE me...can know what I'm thinking.


But, do you wanna know something?

You know, like, a SECRET?

Here goes...............................................................





Shocking, huh?

Well, its true. As much as I would LOVE to sit here and type lies about how I am the most interesting person evar...

I simply can't.



You ask.


That is all it would be...lies. I am not that interesting. Most of my thoughts are LYRICS. Whether they be TMR, TMN, PUFFY, or At!, the lyrics still take up like 99.91467921364172936129% of my daily thoughts. Okay, maybe not THAT much.

More like 75.6143126481267%

The other 24.1641721836413% (give or take a few decimal places, haha. Too lazy to do math.)

is about how BEAUTIFUL I think Takanori is, or how much I LOVE my new hairstyle, or what I want to eat.

Sometimes I also think about my friends, my family, my cat, etc etc...

But one thing I never think about is...

I repeat.


Is what you guys think of me. I really don't care if you like me, dislike me, love me, hate me, think I'm nice or mean or think I'm a freak or WUTEVAR.

Cuz when it gets down to it, all that matters it WUT I THINK.

Nawt you.

Nawt your mom.

Nawt your uncle's cousin.

And nawt even your great great great great great grandma's dead dog.

Just me.


And that, my friend, is


And besides, I love you all anyway. But right now, I gotta go hang upside down. Tootles.

(yeah, I'm LIKE THAT)


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