My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Just becawse you're from CAT WORLD doesn't mean you're a CAT

Itz a Takanori doll!

Yo say I'm At && apparantly I have small eyes and look like I'm a meth addict!!!


Really. Someone said that about me. Can't say who, but they did.

Okay, so some random Youtube chicklet said the small eyes part, but someone else said the meth addict part. Yeah, funny. I've also been called anorexic, bulemic, and a freak; I've been TOLD that my eyeliner looks like white-out, my hair looks messy, my teeth stick out, and I look Filipino, CHINESE, Indian, Mongolian, and even Brazilian.

Those are lulzy, now aren't they?


The moment you've ALL been waiting for has arrived...

Are you ready for it?

Are you sure?


My answers to the above insults are here. And they are as follows. (You may need to bookmark this, GAIZ. No, SRSLY.)

Last time I checked, my eyes were kinda big. I mean, ESPECIALLY for an East Asian. They are like...huge.

And as far as the meth-addict-lookalike thing...


I guess the dark circles under my eyez? Those are from my lack of sleep or my chronic migrainz. I think. Actually, those are just kinda tharrr.

Okie dokie smokie.

Time for anorexic/bulemic/freak accusation.


And as far as being a freak goes...

Dictionary dot com defines "freak" as...

–noun 1. any abnormal phenomenon or product or unusual object; anomaly; aberration. 2. a person or animal on exhibition as an example of a strange deviation from nature; monster. 3. a sudden and apparently causeless change or turn of events, the mind, etc.; an apparently capricious notion, occurrence, etc.: That kind of sudden storm is a freak. 4. Numismatics . an imperfect coin, undetected at the mint and put into circulation. 5. Philately . a stamp differing from others of the same printing because of creases, dirty engraving plates, etc. Compare error ( def. 8 ) , variety ( def. 8 ) . 6. Slang . a. a person who has withdrawn from normal, rational behavior and activities to pursue one interest or obsession: a drug freak. b. a devoted fan or follower; enthusiast: a baseball freak. c. a hippie. 7. Archaic . capriciousness; whimsicality.

Okay. So there is legitimacy to THAT one. Yeah, I'm an anomaly. Yeah, I'm strange. Yeah, I'm withdrawn from the norm. And YES I have a particular interest (I don't call it an obsession becawse its a NORMAL liking), but who are YOU to judge ME?

Really, gaiz.

Am I the spokesman for human society and typical homo sapien behavior?

Then WHY do you expect me to be "NORMAL"???

So I'm a freak?



All righty then.

Now that THAT's settled...

on to bigger && BETTAR things.

My eyeliner is white. White-out is white. So there has GOT to be SUM resemblance. DUH. And, to be PURRfectly hawnest...

I agree with you, kittens.

My eyemake does, in fact, look like white-out.

Now for my hair.

So wut if it looks messy. I film my vidz in the nighttimez, && since I tease meh hair in the daytimez, it has fallen by the nighttimez. Therefore, it looks messy. But itz nawt.

Nawt really, anyway.

And as for my teeths...

at least thurr bettar than Magibon's. HAHA.

&& me gawtz braces so its ALL OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for the BIG SHOW!!!


Yes, kittenz.


Ya say I look Filipino, ya say I look Indian, ya say I look Chinese, ya say I look Mongolian, AND ya say I look Brazilian (LOL WUT?)

All I have to say is...

maybe so.

Lots of people look certain wayz && wut nawt. I mean, I know a girl that lookz Chinese but she's really nawt. She's some kind of Latina.

Wutz moar ah-mazing is this LJ pagey I found where all these GURLZ are talking smack about me && saying I'm nawt Japanese or wutevar. Anddd I get multiple commentz on the internetz telling me...

are you ready for this gaiz?

that I'm Filipino.

Thazz all fine && dandy but would they know MY ethnicity bettar than I do? I mean, I am ME. NAWT them. I have been At Dye-Tashima since, well, since conception.

And they........

have nawt been.

So being a hapa of the Japanese/European sort is really tough. I mean, why even say it if no one is going to believe me. I should just be all "Yeah I'm At && I'm a hapa && I look Filipino so lets just go with THAT!"

Cuz I'm ttly Filipino............


My dad was a second generation Japanese. I mean, he could have had SUM Filipino in him, so I won't deny it completely. But...wutevar.

And some people even say I look COMPLETELY European. Yeah. Becawse all Caucasians have super straight black hair, high cheekbones, and an epicanthus. TTLY.

So I should just deny my Asian-ness and say I'm White, right?

Since, after all, WHITE is RIGHT, right?

But then they would call me a banana Asian weirdo that wants to be White.


So I'm coining this from now on:

"I'm At && I'm a human being!!!"

Due to the fact that really, I think race && ethnicity are pretty absurd descriptions.

Just like gender.

Yet another way for (straight) WHITE MAN to rag on others.

Race, ethnicity, and sex are all things of which we cannot control, yet THOSE are the things we are judged most on. Yeah, weight && age fall somewhere in thar, but those three are the biggies. Being a hapa noot, I fall at the BAWTTOM of the social food chain, but...

who really cares?

I am just as good as evrybuddy else.

Why judge sumone on things of which are so superficial and unchangable? Okay, so sex is changable, but the other two are NAWT.

And wut about the cases where sumone DOESN'T look EXACTLY like the STEREOTYPES associated with a particular race or sex?


You don't know, do you?

Well, At shall tell you.

Becawse At is nice.

The answer is..........................(drumroll)



And a whole truckload of it at that.

Okay so WUT is my POINT?

Here it is.

As a little child I looked really Asian.

I mean, REALLY Asian.

And I lived in a predominately WHITE community, attended a WHITE PROTESTANT school, and had a WHITE mom and a LATINO stepfather.

And I really got the heat for that. I wuz made fun of for being Asian...but nawt called out on being Japanese. Instead I was called the oh-so-worn out phrase "Chink". Oh, and I was also called a cat (oh I wonder why. Its the BIG slanted eyes. DUH). ANDDD they even went so far as to pull their eyes out in that oh-so-familiar-even-Miley-Cyrus-did-it way.

It wasn't until HIGH SCHOOL that I was treated just like evrybuddy else. A normal AMERICAN teenager.

And to make it MOAR LULZY,

that wuz when I came to terms with the whole Asian thing myself.

And I actually became "proud" to be Asian.

And now these e-moronz act like I'm lying. Nice. Real mature gaiz.



I only spent like, wut, FOURTEEN YEARS trying to deny it only to FINALLY accept it and now you don't believe me???


Yeah, people believe I'm from another DIMENSION but they can't believe I'm half Japanese.

They say I'm Filipino.

All I gotta say is this..............




I'm a human being.


But a homo sapien nonetheless.


Ur face is a mess.

Indeed, my face IS a mess.

And so is UR MOM.

Hahahahaha so randommmmmmmm


Had 2 lighten the mood, kittenz.

This post is like, so TTLY SRSLY SERIOUS.


And now I want sweet potatoezzzz. Sweet potatuhz sweet potatuhz have teh have the sweet PUHTATUHZZZZZZZ.


GAHHHHHHHHH me is tireddddddd.

So nite nite.

Sleep tight.

Don't let the crazy lemon loving bed bugs bite.



(yeah, I went THARR)

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