My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


Jungle!!! XD



It's your favortie Jap Trap........AtJap13!!!!

Okay, so I really do nawt know what to say.



OK, so maybe I do.

Or nawt.

One thing is for certain, though.

This is gonna be one lame blog.

So I didn't even give it a wicked awesome title like I usually do.

So let's see....

What news does At have?


I got a new computer!!!!

And I'm getting a new printer/scanner/fax thing.


I am bleaching my hair!!! So that I can dye it that gorgeous dark-copper-blonde that Takanori has on the cover of the "the force" CD, like this:

He is so beautiful.

I am also working on cutting my hair exactly like that. And I already cut the front. Yay me. I will look awesome. My only concern is the fact that my skin is a little darker than his...and I don't wanna end up lookin like a ganguro gone wrong.

Just like I do everyday!

Cuz meh eyeliner makes me look that way, like, ttly.

And my face looks SRSLY anorexic, right? So maybe the short hair will actually make me look healthy. Cuz I'm so ttly nawt.

So yeah.........................................................

I am bored.

And kind of craving sweet potatoes.


I had mashed potatoes && turkey gravy for dinnerrr.


And I ate toast for breakfast.


Why am I telling you peeps wut I ate today??? I also went to get a bracket put back on...eek! My braces are falling off XD. Nah...a bracket popped off && then I had to get it back on && then my mouth wuz sore so I had to eat soft food :)


School resumes on 2010.08.30!!!!


I hate school.

It makes me actually have to DO something other than be AtJap13 and the performer At!. Also, most of my friends are graduated. So that leaves Alana && I pretty much alone. But don't get me wrong. I actually DO enjoy going to school. I mean, I DO have perfect attendance.

For 4 years in a row!!!

I'm workin on my 5th, kittenz!

I mean, I don't even REMEMBER wut it wuz like to be absent from school. I haven't missed a day willingly since, like, the 6th grade (when I missed 50 dayz for reasons that I shall nawt disclose).

So yeah...

that's life.

For me, at least.


Ain't I just the best thing evar?






You care to disagree?

Beg to differ??

Object to my ruling???

Well then that's just too bad.

Tough tootie said the cootie.



So I'm nawt the BEST thing.

Just second best.

Cuz my man Takanori Nishikawa is the BEST.


so >P

put that in your pipe && smoke it.

oh yeah.

I went tharrr.


Well, I gotta go pick rice! See ya!!!

Love ya, kittenz!!!

Stay kitteny!!!


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