My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


I'm in summer mode, so let's go!

YO SAY I'M AT && I'M 97% UNUSUAL 98% oF THE TIME!!!!!!!!!

It's true;

I'm nawt alwayz weird.

Like, I go to sleep just like everyone else.

And I walk.

And I talk.

And now I'm beginning to sound like I'm writing a "for sale" add for myself.


That's funny.

Now I wanna write a for sale add for myself.

Here goes:::::

AtJap13 in his natural habitat.

Item: AtJap13

Characteristics: Can speak, sleep, walk, and be weird

Aesthetics: Tiny, awkward, and unconventional

Abilities: singing, eating, drawing

Unique features: obsessive, obnoxious, white-washed, and a noot!

Also known for small creepy eyes, creepy skin, and and white-out for eyeliner!!

P.S. Yup, he's a keeper.


I amuse me.

I am so awesome, cuz I can make fun of myself and laugh about it.


Send THAT "wanted/for sale" add to YOUR ex-gf, bf, wife, husband, or dying kangaroo and see wut they have to say!!!


It's gonna be soooo kitteny!

Next thing, kittenz!

As I'm sure MOST of you gaiz ALREADY know...

At has a job!!!

Itz true baby. I have a job for the first time in my life. Other than being a Youtube personality and a rising Japanoise singer, I am an online survey taker!!!! And I earned $20 my first day, and I just earned $15 MOAR. And I haven't had to leave my dining room, kittenz. I love this. MOAR people have also bought my CD, and I now have 82 subscribers on Youtube!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo close to having 100 subscribers. And when I do......

There will be a special surprise!

And I am almost to the 100th episode of At's 1313!

And there will be a special surprise for that as well!!!!

Andddd it has almost been a full year since I transformed into the partly white-washed Asian, partly weeaboo, but all genuine AtJap13 and made my obnoxious debut on Youtube. The channel was very unknown about at first, and then I managed to spark a lil--a LOT--of controversy.



I guess people though I was being ttly srsly serious when I acted like I was bothered by weeaboos and thought I wuz the total shiz.

Well, sorry to disappoint you gaiz,


truth is...................

I don't give a flying kitten's broken left ear about it.

They can pretend and be whatever thir little hearts desire.

And as far as me be ttly awesome...

All I have to say is.......


I'm just a small town Hapa will a big music dream.

Who just so happenz to have become an internet sensation.

And to the chicklets on the "Zibeoh" livejournal page,

Thanx gaiz. I appreciate it.


You made me who I am today. And I will nevar forget you. Like, evar.

See how nice I am? Anddddd I'm also ah-dorable.


I can hardly wait for Alana to come over to my house. She is the best. And we can both obsess over Takanori (and Daisuke--we luv u<3)>
She's ah-mazing. Me, nawt so much.

Alana, you're the best. EVAR. End of story.


I must go D:



Don't worry gaiz, I'll be back soon!

But right now...I gotta go do 200 pushups! See ya!!!



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