My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa


dat derz meh only phoneeee

A bunch of manbas! In orange T-shirts!

YO SAY I'M AT && I'M 100% ORGANIC!!!

Yeah yeah yeah wut now???

Haha itz At && this is my very first (yes! the VERY first!) all-English all-the-time blog!!!

Cool, huh?


I am so freakin weird yeah

This is weirder than my stupid webshow

I have no idea what I am writing about

I'm just kinda doing a free-write sorta thing

You know, writing (or in this case, typing) everything that comes to mind

As it comes to mind

Wow Takanori Nishikawa is a beautiful man

Sometimes I look like him

Other times I wish I did


Sometimes I wanna bleach my hair

Sometimes I wanna dye it NEON ORANGE.

But NEITHER would look good on me at all, I mean, my skin is too...idk...


Like it can't decide if it wants to be Asian or Caucasian.

And my hair is soooooooooooooo straight haha but I like it like that cuz it looks good on me haha

I don't even have to straighten it.

So you are probably wondering why I titled my blog "Daisuke Says It's Okay" well...there is a simple explanation for that. I was listening to HOT LIMIT while I made it and saw "Title" and just typed the translated lyrics XDDD and the link to this blog is just another randomly awesomely OH SO KITTENY thing I thought of. I kinda like this, the free-write thing, I mean. Cuz you know my mind is soooooo random haha I just thought of flying chickens.

Wouldn't that be the funniest thing EVAR??

The chickens, I mean.


At is HUNGRY. I weigh so little yet I eat so much. WHY??? Cuz me gots awesomeness XD nah IDK why I just is tiny but I workout EVERY DAY. I can bench like 100 pounds but I only weigh like 90!!! haha I am so weird. I love being weird. my hair is purpleeeeee yaaaaaaay which totally looks ==awkward== with my white eyeliner && shadow, but who cares? I like it.


I got new shoes. They are 6 inch platforms!!! Just like the ones Takanori wears in the HOT LIMIT PV!!! SO KITTENY... Anddd I got pleather pants, a choker (just like Taka's, thank you very much) and a buncha other things.

I am working on dying my hair the color of Taka's in the SUMMARIZE 4 DVD, but I is afraiddd cuz wut if they DO IT WRONG??? Then I'll look like some bleach headed white washed AZN

OH NOES!!! Teh IRONY!!!!

I am writing a new songgg && it is VERY different from ANYTHING i've evar written cuz I took advice!! From a chick I talked to!! But you'll have to waitttt Cuz FIRST && FORMOST I got a demo to send out :D && I let you all listen IF you PROMISE to be...






makes you happy. hahahahahaha yeah just be honest, kittens. Cuz you know I love you anyway. Cuz right now At's got the best life evar. I am nearly legal, nearly graduated, nearly found him, && nearly FAMOUS!!! Oh && me gots me birthname backkkk YAAAAAAAY

Three claps for AT!




Ooh those commercials for food are so yummyyy they make me hungryyy and i'm rhymin from meh tummyyy and this is so funnyyy

cool, huh?

well, gotta go bathe my cat! SEE YA!

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