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At!~desolation MP3 PURCHASES!!!


It's At!

And you're on my special blog specially made by ME for YOU to purchase my debut album, ~desolation, from 2008, or songs from the album!!! You can also purchase MP3s from songs earlier than the single "LIKE THAT" right here!!!

So here's how it will work:

email me: (set the subject to "MP3")

tell me the title of the song you want and your paypal email.

My paypal email is

After I confirm the purchase, send me the amount of money for the MP3.

Each MP3 only costs 0.99 USD!!! That's only 84.6 JPY!!!

After receiving payment, I will send you MP3 and receipt.

Remember, if you want any song including LIKE THAT and later, you can just purchase them from iTunes. Just search "At! CROSSING THE LINE". Unless, of course, you want the single version of Kimi ga Hoshii or the English versions of Falling Up and Boku wo Wasurenate.

However, you may want to just wait on those two, due to the fact that I am planning on making an English compilation album in the near future, with studio English versions of Desolation, Existential, My Transcending, !ndescribable, At T!me, Falling Up, Forget Me Never (Boku wo Wasurenate), Lost Control, Alone, Twistendly Normal, I Miss You Today, and DownSide Out.

Also, I'm workin on a new song, kittenz!

&& its gonna be great!

oh by the way since you're here you should check this out && buy some of my shiz yo:


Really old pic, from when I was 14, but I really like it && just found it!!!

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