My Life Quote:

"If you just dream your dreams, they'll never come true." ~Takanori Nishikawa



So uh, yeah...

Yo say Kittens.

Before you freak out on me, yeah, its been nearly two months since I updated this thing. I know. I mean, I am the one that writes the dang thing after all. However, I have a slightly good reason as to why I have not been updating.

Make that two reasons.

First of all, I'm living in Tokyo, Japan and working on my music and modeling career. Therefore, I really don't have much free time anymore. What free time I do have is taken up with eating, sleeping and bathing.

Second, I did warn you already that I was not going to be keeping up with this blog much longer. I mean, sure I will post a random rambling here and there about oh I don't know, let's say baby meerkats, and my opinions and whatnot, but other than that, this blog is kind of a waste of time as no one really read it any how. It was originally just meant to be a potpourri free write about anything and everything from the Illuminati to Abyssinian kittens to deep fried zucchini, but someway somehow it ended up being a word vomit landfill just like the massive gomi-bako that is my mind.

Despite all this, I am going to give a brief update about my life.

I'm doing kitteny awesome. I went on the Harajuku Fashion Walk last month, Walk #15, and it was AMAZING. I met so many wicked cool people and even though it was freezing cold and I'm skinny as a rail I still had a great time.

If you wish to see photos of everyone (me included) just visit this link: and there is a video also.

Additionally, I'm going to KAWAii MATSURi to see T.M.Revolution on April 20 (yes, I know,, 4-20 HAH HAH you're real cool [meaning you're lame]) so I'm really pumped about that.

I will post photos...maybe...

But I definitely will post photos on Ameba and on Twitter so if I don't post any here you know where to find me.

For moar infoz on teh Jap Trap, visit and follow my life on Twitter or Tumblr. It's nawt like you really care if I've gotten eaten by a giant praying mantis.



The Illuminati are freaking EVERYWHERE. Be very alert. They are taking over humanity just like they already took over the entertainment industry. If you have some free time, check out this great website: They know what's up.

Be careful who and what you believe. The Illuminati is leading the ultimate downfall of humanity through media brainwashing and the desensitizing of civilians. By taking part in and listening to a great deal of music, people begin to imitate certain gestures artists make under the guise of "being cool". DO NOT fall for this. They are using these artists to brainwash and desensitize humanity.





So I've never done this before, but here goes...

Over the years people have asked me various questions about my life, my appearance, and my opinions on topics that are more serious than kittens. So I'm gonna be kind and attempt (you see that thurr, attempt) to answer them to the best of my knowledge/ability/openness.

I'm not going to go in to any deep stuffs thought becawse I'm not here for that. Its nawt my job to bore you with political issues or ethical matters. I'm just here for teh lulz.

#1: What color do you use on your hair?
L'Oreal MegaReds INTENSE COPPER ~or~ any copper color that seems intense enough for me.

#2: How tall are you?
Dude. I am asked this every day. I am 158 cm or 62 inches. I am short. I am tiny. Get over it. LUL

#3: How are you so skinny?
I've always been this way. I don't do anything different. I have eaten the same way my entire life. I'm just a lean mean hyper machine. XD

#4: How do you expect to become a famous musician? You have no talent at all.
I love music. I love to perform. I work very hard at what I do. If you believe I have no talent, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Fortunately, the world is full of varying opinions and not everyone thinks like you. Also, if it doesn't work, I always have time to do something else. However, I have a right to try to make my dreams come true. That's what's wrong with people these days. They have such cynical outlooks on life.

#5: How old are you?
Mentally, I'm 12. I will always be twelve. My chronological age bears no persuasion on my ability to keep y'all energetic and entertained. I'm a kid at heart and every one who knows me would agree. I am able to control the things I say about as well as a three year old and I'm as irresponsible as any preteen. LOL

#6: Do you exercise?
Yes. Pushups and weight training. Plus, I live in Tokyo, so I get a TON of walking every day.

# 7: What is your gender?
Oh my kittens I swear if I get this question one more time I am going to fly over your house and dump one thousand kilograms of stuffed animal kittens on it. It be raining cats up in there. For me, gender is fluid. I can wear what I want, act how I want, and like what I want. So just because I wear long hair sometimes and fanboy over T.M.Revolution doesn't mean anything. I follow gyaru-oh style. I'm a Center Guy LMAO Gender stereotypes lead to bias and the like. As I said a long time ago, names should be prepositions. No racial or sexual bias. What  is between a person's legs doesn't make them who they are. What your brain says you are is what you are. Not your biological sex. Additionally, just look at what it says in my profile and that's what I am. Derp.

#8: Why do you call yourself "King of the New World"? 
Because I am your dictator. LOL I knew this was bound to come up sooner or later...well, let me say it this way: if more people thought the way I do, the world would be a better place and there would be way less crime/war/fighting. A hostile takeover is upon you, so run for your kitteny lives *^u^*

#9: What is the deal with being a ginger all of a sudden? 
I love having copper/red hair. Especially since its impossible to have it naturally if you're Asian. I love confusing people with my black eyebrows and obnoxiously ginger hair. I'm the Asian ginger kid, after all.

#10: Thoughts on gay marriage?
REALLY!? Of all the people on teh internets, you choose to ask me this question!? If you're a closed minded earless cat then I must truly be the epitome of everything you hate. Sex, gender, gender identity/expression, and sexual orientation (just like race, national origin and ethnicity) should bear no influence over one's ability to love and be loved. If I ruled the world, everyone would be happy.

#11: WTF is wrong with you!?
I'm just your ordinary extraordinary.



In this Frozen Season...


So yeah, I know, it's been about sixth months since I updated this thing.

Well, I'm going to tell you why.

Ready for it?


Are you ready???

Here's the answer:

Cuz I didn't wanna!


SRSLY though. I've been super busy.

What do you think, I just live to serve you?


You know I love you kittenz.

I've been so busy living in three different cities in three months. School has been going great, music is going well, and I'm having the time of my life.

I love doing what I'm doing. After all, I feel the best thing to do in life is take things as they come and enjoy each day as though it is your last or your last with the ones you love. Hate to sound cliche or whatever, but, 'tis the truth, kittens. We never know when it will end, so why spend our lives eating foods we hate, wearing clothes to blend in with everybody else, doing whatever just to fit in, or working all the time? Unless you have something preventing you from doing so or unless you have people depending on you, just live it up and have FUN! Be yourself, don't try to be anybody else.

After all, that's all there is of you.

All we have to give the world is ourselves. So why not just be honest??

I'm just a simple dude that has always been and always will be myself. I'm simply me. If I wanna stand up and start singing randomly, I do so. If I wanna dance in Harajuku, I do so. If I wanna wear stripes with plaid I wear freaking stripes with plaid, man.

Don't let societal norms bring you down. Don't let the invisible chains of society hold you back from being all that you could be. Stand up, break those chains, and be wonderful, unique, YOU.

Like I always say, STAY KITTENY~~~

(That's what it means, kittens. It means stay awesomely you.)

That's all I have to say about that.

Back to me.

I have been moving around three cities over the last three months. First I was in Chiba, then Koto-ku's Kiba area, now Arakawa-ku's Higashiogu. I like some things about Arakawa, but I liked Ota and Chuo much better. I feel as though I have been running around living all over Japan XD

That's what it takes, though, if you want to find a place that is both cost efficient and convenient. I needed a place close to my school and fairly cheap, so I had to give up having my own kitchen and living in Nihonbashi. I don't know what it is about that place, but I love Nihonbashi.

Next topic...

Another reason for my lack of writing is due to the simple fact that I no longer have much to say in English. Seems as though my English vocabulary always goes toward debates, political issues, and personal opinions about controversial topics in the world today. However, I'm a happy person that likes to keep the mood light and airy and childlike, so I tend to try my hardest to stay away from those kinds of conversations. I am eternally twelve years old, so why should I bring you down?

Therefore, I mainly write blogs in Japanese now. If you wish to read my blogs and keep track of my weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) blogs, check out now.

I will be using this blog for special messages pertaining to music and super important updates only. If you cannot read Japanese, you can also check out my tumblr, to see fashion updates and randomocity.

Just thought I would let you know about this before you go wondering where I went...

As if I really care what you think.

JUST KIDDING! I love my kittenz XD

Japan has been super cold lately and I have had to do a whole lot of walking. Every single day, walk walk walk walk walk. lmao I love to walk but sheesh! Not always in the rain, amirite?

I usually go around like this in the winter:

But in Japan I have to go around like this:

I'm not even a freeze baby!! I freaking love the cold. I just don't like walking in the cold rain just to get some food...XD

My style has become increasingly more and more gyaru-o (jumps up and down clapping) and I am so happy about it. Here are a couple of sample photos of my new style:

That was me in NamjaTown at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.

That was me in Nihonbashi just before Xmas. I had Xmas sweater on ^^

Next entry is about foods I've eaten and I will do a review of a few restaurants. Just changin' it up, k? Nawt changin mah gimmick so don't pull your eyelashes out.



I'm Back Baby!

Oh my kittenz, KITTENS!!!

What's up???

It's your favorite Jap Trap here, and I am so sorry for never writing anything!! I've just been so busy lately! I went to college, decided I hated it, decided to after a short time, then decided to do something entirely different! A wise friend of mine once told me that in order to achieve my dreams, I must first do some things the conventional way. So, I shall be attending Yoshida beginning in October.

Until then, I am going to chill out and be awesome XD

I have had an amazing year so far, and I intend to have an even better second half. Unfortunately, I lost some funds during the whole college thing, but that's okay. When I get where I wish to go in life, it will all be worth it. 

I've got some amazing news pertaining to my singing career!

I was approached by an international record label. I am going to get signed!!! I will update moar about that later (don't wanna jinx anything, k? lol) and give full detail on my recent goings-on. Until then, you can check me out on Reverbnation: 

That's a picture of me wearing the outfit from my most recent performance. I sang WHITE BREATH by T.M.Revolution this year. Also, Healing My Soul by T.M.Revolution. It was fun times.

I finally purchased the HOT LIMIT version of T.M.Revolution 10th Anniversary Hello Kitty cell phone strap. It is adorable and now I have the HOT LIMIT strap and Burnin' X'mas keychain. I feel so kitteny~~

Additionally, I am looking forward to hanging out with my best friend of whom I haven't seen for months. So yeah, it's going to be ONE FUN SUMMER!!!!! o(>u<)o

Until then..............STAY KITTENY!!!


TMR 16th Anniversary!!!




I've been really busy lately!

I've barely been able to update a thing!

Right now its really late, so I'mma just gonna tell you the important stuff.




My new album, R@d!oAkt!v D8ing is going to be released on Leap Day!

Sorry about it being late, kittenz. It wasn't my fault.


Okay, so maybe it was XD

But yeah, I moved to a different country so I got behind on working on my music and artwork. Now, we are finished with the ablum and it should be great!! I think it is the best yet! haha

But yeah, its a lot, and I mean a LOT different from CROSSING THE LINE and on a different dimension from ~Desolation. However, I am quite proud of the result and the music and the photography!!!

Well, need to go to bed~